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The Batman's New Trailer Teased by Robert Pattinson

Batman, Catwoman
By Richard Nebens

In just a few short weeks, DC fans of all varieties will get a taste of what's to expect in next coming years thanks to the second annual DC FanDome event.

The debut showing in 2020 helped fans escape the dark days of the pandemic while delays kept pushing movies back seemingly every day. This year's event is looking to build the hype for dozens of DC projects to unseen levels.

Four DC Extended Universe movies received trailers in 2020, and although due to different statuses regarding filming, some were more extensive than others. An example on the shorter side of that spectrum was Matt Reeves' The Batman, although the worldwide shutdown didn't stop Warner Bros. from delivering something special for fans to see.

Only having the chance to film for three months before the shutdown, Robert Pattinson still found a way to shine in just under two and a half minutes of footage. Featuring the first look at Jeffrey Wright's Commissioner Jim Gordon and Colin Farrell's Penguin as well, this debut trailer found a way to steal the show with a simple uttering of "I'm vengeance."

Now, with this year's DC FanDome rapidly approaching, Pattinson gave a slight tease of what fans can expect to see from his first superhero outing.

Pattinson Teases Batman Trailer for DC FanDome


In a recent interview with Variety, The Batman star Robert Pattinson teased some of what's coming during the movie's panel at DC FanDome 2021.

While he didn't reveal any specifics, Pattinson hinted at some potential footage of himself and Zoe Kravitz's Catwoman in action together. Additionally, the actor also revealed that he's seen part of the movie and appeared truly excited for it as he called it "really cool:"

"Me and Zoe did some stuff, and it’s a fun little thing. There’s lots of little surprises for it. I’ve seen some of the movie now, and it’s…it’s really cool."

New Action for Batman and Catwoman

Even for the excitement fans felt after getting the first look at The Batman, it seems increasingly likely that this year will take that to an entirely new level.

The first DC FanDome trailer teased quite the intense relationship between Zoe Kravitz’s Selina Kyle and Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne. Catwoman looks to be just as early in her run as an anti-hero-slash-villain as Batman is, and it seems clear that the two will be going head-to-head more than once throughout the course of this film.

It’s unclear what fans can expect from the new trailer specifically. It may show more superhero action, or it may take a different approach and touch on the characters' bonds as regular people amongst other unpredictable surprises. No matter what new footage hits the internet at DC FanDome this year, Matt Reeves and crew already have a major leg up on anticipation as the film's release date finally inches closer.

DC FanDome will take place on October 16, 2021. The Batman will release in theaters on March 4, 2022.

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