Marvel Studios Reveals Its First-Ever Doctor Doom Design Ahead of Live-Action Debut

Ahead of his return to the big screen, big bad Doctor Doom is now in the spotlight under Marvel Studios.

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The 9 Best Star Wars Celebration & Convention Moments from the Past 5 Decades

A ranking of the best Star Wars convention moments from Star Wars Celebration, D23 and San Diego Comic Con.

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Loki Disney+: 'Unexpected' Sci-Fi Elements Teased by Showrunner

Kate Herron, director and showrunner of Loki, backs claim that fans should expect the unexpected from the upcoming Disney+ series.

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The Mandalorian Releases Official Music Video Featuring Composer Ludwig Göransson

The composer played the theme song for the hit series on various instruments that factored into the entire piece.

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The Mandalorian: Giancarlo Esposito Comments on Moff Gideon's Possible Force Abilities

Moff Gideon actor Giancarlo Esposito offers subtle hints that the Imperial agent may be Force-sensitive in some capacity.

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Ms. Marvel Disney+ Series May Involve Time Travel in a Unique Way

Theoretical physicist Clifford Johnson is advising for "Ms. Marvel," which has potentially interesting implications.

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Bob Iger's Disney+ Account Reveals He's a Massive MCU Fan

Disney Executive Chairman and former CEO Bob Iger says he's excited about Hamilton coming to Disney+, but his screenshot shows an affinity for a certain other Disney-owned franchise.

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Sebastian Stan Throws Punches in New The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Set Videos

Five new set videos show Bucky and US Agent in a hostage situation during The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Has to Film Scenes for Only 9 More Days In Czech

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is currently preparing for a nine-day shoot in the Czech Republic this fall

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Receives Exemption From European Travel Ban

A new update from the head of the Czech Film Commission offers hope that the filming for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier can resume soon.

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WandaVision Will Reportedly Have At Least Nine Episodes

WandaVision will have more than the initially reported six episodes.

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Avengers: Infinity War's Tom Holland, Chris Hemsworth and Others Shown On Set In New Photos

Disney+'s official Twitter account debuted some new Avengers: Infinity War images to celebrate the film's release on the streaming service.

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Disney+ Reveals Detailed Looks at the MCU's Infinity Stones

Disney+ reveals new information videos detailing everything you need to know about the six Infinity Stones.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi Director Explains How the Show's Production Will Differ From The Mandalorian

Director Deborah Chow shared her thoughts on having free reign to cover the entirety of the Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ series.

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Avengers: Infinity War Finally on Disney+ in the U.S.

Avengers: Infinity War has officially arrived on Disney+ (for the U.S., at least).

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The Mandalorian: 10 New Pictures Show How Taika Waititi's Episode Was Made

Several images from Taika Waititi's episode "Chapter 8: Redemption" have been officially revealed.

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Star Wars Live-Action Connected Universe Rumored for Disney+

After a resounding success with their first live-action show, Lucasfilm is investing heavily in its future on Disney+. In a new report, the studio is creating a shared universe of its Disney+ shows.

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Hawkeye Disney+ Show: New Working Title Revealed

The working title for "Hawkeye" could point to further comic book influences.

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Boba Fett's The Mandalorian Appearance May Be In Doubt After Jon Favreau's Cryptic Comment

The series' executive producer noted the demise of the infamous bounty hunter during a virtual director's panel.

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Loki & The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Series Rumored to Resume Production Next Month

A new rumor points to Marvel Studios' Disney+ series shooting again in July.

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New Ezra Bridger Live-Action Casting Search Details Revealed

The jump from animation to live-action continues as a new report reveals new details regarding the ongoing casting search for the live-action version of Star Wars: Rebels lead Ezra Bridger.

By Pete Hernandez -

Multiple Actors Express Interest In Playing Live-Action Ezra Bridger

Several actors have indicated on Twitter that they are interested in playing in the lost Jedi.

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Update: Marvel's What If...? Will Not Use Motion Capture Technology

Squeeze Studio planning on recording motion capture for the animated "What If...?" series.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi Series Finds New Writer in Joby Harold

Joby Harold has been selected to pick up the writing duties for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Series Finale Episode Descriptions Revealed

Star Wars The Clone Wars final episode descriptions promise to show Order 66 and an epic end to the series.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "The Phantom Apprentice" Episode Stills and Clip Released

Preview images and a clip from the upcoming episode of The Clone Wars, "The Phantom Apprentice".

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Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Biehn For The Mandalorian Season 2: One's In, One's Out

As we near the arrival of The Mandalorian season two, we're getting clarity on the new season. Recently, there are new developments regarding the rumored roles of Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Biehn.

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Darth Vader Appearance in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Hinted At By New Merchandise

A product listing seemingly hints at a Darth Vader appearance in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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Baby Yoda Mania Did Not Surprise The Mandalorian's Pedro Pascal

The Mandalorian's Pedro Pascal shares he wasn't surprised by Baby Yoda's popularity and what it was like to work with Baby Yoda doll.

By Savannah Sanders -

The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode Titles Have Possibly Leaked

Potential episode titles for Season 2 of The Mandalorian tease a big future for the hit series.

By Jack Pues -

A Familiar Star Wars Character Cameos in New The Clone Wars Episode

A familiar character made a brief cameo in the latest Clone Wars episode, "The Phantom Apprentice".

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Sam Witwer Teases More Epic Maul In The Clone Wars Series Finale

Sam Witwer teased the continuation of Maul's destrucion of clones in The Clone Wars series finale.

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Watch: Footage From Star Wars: The Clone Wars Finale Released in Disney+ Ad

First footage for Star Wars: The Clone Wars series finale has just been released in Disney+'s new advertisement on Youtube.

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Dave Filoni Reveals Potential Future For Star Wars Rebels Characters

Dave Filoni Talks Star Wars Rebels Future and Potential Sabine Wren Darksaber Storyline

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Temuera Morrison To Return As Boba Fett In The Mandalorian Season 2

Temuera Morrison to appear as Boba Fett in season two of The Mandalorian.

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Chloe Bennet Claims to Have No Involvement in Rumored MCU Disney+ Shows

Chloe Bennet says Marvel Studios hasn't contacted her for any future appearances on Disney+ shows.

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Loki Disney Plus Series to Potentially Feature Cybernetic Police Force

Disney Plus's upcoming 'LOKI' series will reportedly introduce the TVA's police force, the Minutemen

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Sebastian Stan Teases "Massive Action" And More In The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

Sebastian Stan discusses The Falcon and the Winder Soldier and Avengers: Endgame in new interview.

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Disney+ Delays Releases for Avengers: Infinity War, Ant-Man and the Wasp

Disney+ delays the streaming releases for both Avengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Wasp

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Mark Hamill Explains Why His Time Playing Luke Skywalker Is Over

Mark Hamill discussed why it's time to hang up his Star Wars cape and his appreciation for The Mandalorian.

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Dave Filoni Confirms The Mandalorian Season 2 Writer Role, Hints At Future Star Wars Projects

Dave Filoni Talks Writing and Directing on The Mandalorian Season Two and Possible Future Star Wars Projects

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