WandaVision: Disney Officially Reveals Images From Episode 3

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is now two weeks into Phase 4 with the debut of WandaVision , Marvel Studios’ first foray into storytelling on Disney+. The first two episodes show a unique look into the Marvel universe through the lens of American sitcoms, and that trend fully continues in its sophomore week.

The second week of WandaVision brought the show’s third episode, entitled “Now in Color.” This next entry of the Disney+ show centers on Wanda Maximoff’s pregnancy with her and Vision’s twin sons , which fans found out was highly accelerated due to the couple living in an alternate reality/dimension.

The latest episode gave the most shocking teases yet for WandaVision’s future , which finally starts to hint at just how crazy this story will become. In celebration of the new episode, still photos have officially released for fans to analyze and dissect.


Disney and Marvel released six new still photos highlighting moments from Episode 3 of Marvel Studios’ WandaVision , entitled “Now In Color.” All six photos can be seen below:

WandaVision, Disney+

Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau as she visits Wanda Maximoff at home.

WandaVision, Disney+

Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff and Monica Rambeau during their climactic confrontation in the episode's last five minutes. The precise moment when everything hits the fan for Monica.

WandaVision, Disney+

Monica Rambeau smiling during the episode's opening theme song.

WandaVision, Disney+

Wanda Maximoff relaxing on the couch during her pregnancy, using her powers to vacuum the living room during the opening credits. Her powers are clearly the perfect tool in the home.

WandaVision, Disney+

Wanda Maximoff dancing happily in the living room with Paul Bettany’s Vision during the opening theme song.

WandaVision, Disney+

Wanda looking worriedly at Vision, likely after her first fake contraction which sent their home into chaos.


These photos don’t remotely reveal the entire story of everything that went down in “Now In Color,” which pushed the plot of WandaVision in unexpected ways.

Half of the pictures come from the opening credits, which mostly serve to set the stage for the 1970s/ The Brady Bunch era of television. The other half broadly cover the late stages of Wanda’s pregnancy and the moments the twins are born, which all come before the first signs that everything is far from what it seems.

After Wanda’s confrontation with Monica incited by the mention of Ultron , the SWORD agent is sent flying through the barrier of Wanda’s alternate reality into what appears to be the real-world Westview. Surrounded by agents, trucks, and helicopters, it’s evidently clear that Monica is aware of exactly what's going on after Wanda creates a fully fleshed-out world for herself and Vision.

The excitement is starting to kick into high gear as the Marvel fandom waits to see what kind of balance there is in Episode 4 between what’s real and what isn’t . Episode 4 of WandaVision will premiere on Disney+ on Friday, January 29.

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