WandaVision Easter Egg Connects Avengers: Infinity War's Climax To Wanda's Twins Delivery

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As the mystery behind the seemingly idyllic town of Westview continues to unravel, elements from the wider MCU are starting to slip into WandaVision . For example, the third episode in the Disney+ series saw an explicit reference to the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron and the death of Wanda's twin brother, Pietro Maximoff.

But not every MCU reference in WandaVision is so obvious. The show has also been making some more subtle nods to the greater MCU, including the commercial breaks providing a window into Wanda's past .

There is also a slew of Marvel Easter eggs hidden in the background of the world of Westview, some of which take several viewings to find. But some of the most intriguing, complex MCU inclusions in the show exist in plain sight.


Eagle-eyed Reddit user u/shaxanab seems to have found another interesting easter egg in Wandavision. Hidden within what fans saw play out as Wanda giving birth to her twin sons was a key bit of dialogue that refers back to the events of Avengers: Infinity War .

The dialogue from when Wanda destroys the Mind Stone and consequently kills Vision in Infinity War and from when Wanda goes into labor in WandaVision is eerily similar. The order of the spoken words don't line up exactly between the two scenes, but the similarities are too prominent to ignore.

Screenshots showing the shared dialogue from both MCU scenes can be seen below, starting with Vision and Geraldine informing Wanda of the different, if equally pressing, stakes.

Avengers Infinity War WandaVision
Marvel Studios

Both characters provide Wanda with some welcome reassurance, keeping her focused on the support of those around her.

WandaVision Avengers Infinity War
Marvel Studios

In each of these moments, Wanda experiences a moment of doubt, feeling unable to move forward with what needs to be done, whether for the sake of the universe or the natural course of life.

WandaVision Avengers Infinity War
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However, Vision and Geraldine, knowing her true strength, give her the final encouragement she needs to go through the tough moment ahead of her.

WandaVision Avengers Infinity War
Marvel Studios


As fans continue to dive deeper into the world of WandaVision , Easter eggs like these continue to pile up. This reference in particular required a good memory of past MCU films, or at least a recent rewatch of Avengers: Infinity War .

However, there is a larger question to consider in regard to these Easter eggs. They definitely function as interesting references for fans to catch, but they may exist as something more significant. As the increasingly meta and surreal world of Westview seems to point towards Wanda bending and shaping its reality, these references to earlier MCU entries may actually be manifestations of Wanda's trauma playing out again in different form.

Wanda is clearly having a difficult time dealing with the deaths of both her brother, and more recently Vision, so these callbacks to moments in her past may actually show her subconsciously grappling with the difficult events of her past. It seems like no coincidence that this dialogue exchange occurs as Wanda takes and gives life, mirroring the scene from Infinity War in more than just wording.

As moments like these continue to pile up, they may actually build into something larger than just fun references for fans; this could very well be what forces a broken Wanda Maximoff to face her harsh reality.

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