WandaVision Showrunner Promises More Quicksilver References

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Quicksilver, Wanda Maximoff in 80's attire

WandaVision is only a third of the way through its debut season, and fans already have so much to digest from Marvel's first Disney+ series.

Anyone involved with the making of WandaVision is loving the response the show is getting thus far, and have been quick to admit that each episode of the series only gets better than the last .

In the most recent installment of WandaVision , titled "Now In Color," audiences were finally shown some hard evidence that Wanda is able to recall past events and relationships from before she found herself in this television utopia.

In fact, it was Wanda recalling the loss of her brother that seemed to make her snap at the end of the series' third installment, but her subsequent actions played out almost entirely off-screen. This once again left fans with a ton of questions while they wait for the next episode to drop, one of the biggest being: "Is a simple name-drop all we get of Quicksilver in WandaVision ?"


When speaking to TheWrap , WandaVision showrunner Jac Schaeffer teased fans that Episode 3 of her new Disney+ series won't be the only time Wanda's twin-brother Pietro Maximoff is referenced.

When speaking on the show's focus in the later episodes, Schaeffer said that they're "an opportunity to dig deeper into who [Wanda and Vision] are," teasing that fans will be "exploring all of those details" from the past of the unusual couple, which includes the Silver Speedster.

“The show is about Wanda and Vision and it’s an opportunity to dig deeper into who they are. And that has to do with where they come from. We’re all a product of our experiences and our trauma and our relationships. And so we will be exploring all of those details of their pasts as we move forward.”


If Schaeffer is promising to dig deeper into Wanda's past, it'll surely be more than just name-drops.

In fact, if Wanda's history is going to be the focal point, fans may be treated with a flashback to a never-before-seen memory that Wanda shared with Pietro in their years growing up and looking out for one another. Or, maybe audiences will even be lucky enough to see Aaron Taylor-Johnson reprise his role as Quicksilver for a dream sequence of Wanda's as she falls further off the deep-end.

Interestingly, it's already a common theory that WandaVision will have a Quicksilver in it somewhere, but it's not the one more universally expected . Evan Peters is reportedly involved in the series, and many would like to believe that he will be playing his iteration of Quicksilver from the X-Men films, which could happen as a result of the supposed ripples and tears in the multiverse that Wanda is expected to create.

However, Schaeffer was clear that it's the "experiences and trauma and relationships" of Wanda's that will be explored in WandaVision . With this in mind, fans can assume that although Peters' Quicksilver from an alternate universe may pop up when multiverse madness undoubtedly ensues, it's also more than likely that audiences will finally learn a little more about the MCU's Pietro Maximoff; this could mean the possibility of seeing a bit more of him, too.

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