Marvel's WandaVision Writer Teases 'Emotional' Season Finale

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The MCU finally kicked off its long-awaited Phase Four with last week's series premiere of WandaVision on Disney+. The show follows a post- Endgame Scarlet Witch and Vision living in a mysterious warped version of reality, where their small-town suburban neighborhood exists within varying styles of television sitcoms that changes from day-to-day.

While the show just dropped its third episode , WandaVision 's showrunner Jac Schaeffer is already being asked about possible plans for a second season. Even though the head writer could not reveal many specifics, she did provide some comments as to where the first season will leave its audience.


In an article from The Hollywood Reporter , WandaVision showrunner Jac Schaeffer spoke about the production of the MCU's first Disney+ series, but refused to give any details about a possible second season:

“I cannot talk about second season. That really fits in with the Marvel philosophy. Kevin [Feige] is so great at coming out and being like, 'Here's what's happening!' to a point. 'Here's the field, and this is where the field drops off.' A second season is not something that can be discussed that's on the field quite yet.”

What Schaeffer did comment on was how the first season comes together like a “run of a comic,” and “feels very complete” :

“It was always the design with these shows that they feel like a run of a comic. In that way, it feels very complete. It's an emotional completion I stand by and feel great about and always was very much baked in.”


It's no surprise that WandaVision 's showrunner could not give any details on a second season, especially given that the series' first season still has more than half of its episodes waiting to release. Schaeffer's comments do provide a few clues, however, as to where WandaVision may leave off, and what a next chapter in that show could look like.

Schaeffer stated that in the end, WandaVision will “feel like a run of a comic,” and that it will leave viewers with “an emotional completion” by the season's conclusion. This seems to indicate that the storyline of being trapped in a television sitcom version of Westview will most likely finish by the season finale; it will also provide a sense of closure to how Wanda deals with the trauma and emotional weight that she's had to carry over the last few years.

While WandaVision could still end with a few cliffhangers and characters/villains unaccounted for, Wanda's story will be complete. If Marvel Studios does decide to bring the show back for a second season, it could very well be a completely unique plot line, which plays with the conventions of storytelling in an equally interesting but still never-before-seen way for the MCU.

Whatever WandaVision has in store for its audience, one thing's for sure — that emotional season finale cannot be here soon enough.

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