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Hawkeye Disney+: Jeremy Renner Reveals First Trailer's Imminent Release Date

Hawkeye Jeremy Renner Poster
By Russ Milheim

Disney+ has proven to be a huge asset to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. WandaVision jump-started the fourth phase of Marvel projects and it even won the very first Emmys for Marvel Studios.

To date, there have been three other shows: Falcon and the Winter SoldierLoki, and What If...?—the first animated MCU adventure that is currently halfway through its run. The amount of content Marvel fans have had just over the last six months has been staggering.

Well, Disney+ isn't done adding to Marvel Studios' 2021 line-up. There is one more show left, and that's none other than Hawkeye, starring Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld

Renner is bringing back his famous original Avenger, while Steinfeld will introduce a (probable) future Young Avenger in the form of Kate Bishop.

Fans have wanted a look at the show for a while, and thanks to Jeremy Renner, everyone now knows when their wishes will come true.

Hawkeye Trailer Tomorrow

Jeremy Renner shared on his Instagram story that fans can expect a trailer for the upcoming Dinsye+ show Hawkeye tomorrow (Monday, September 13). While an exact premiere time has not been confirmed, it's likely that the teaser will debut at 9:00am ET, which is when other Marvel Studios Disney+ trailers have been released in recent months.

Renner's aforementioned story can be found below, which revealed a peek at what appears to be the series' first Christmas-themed poster:

Hawkeye, Marvel, MCU

Renner included a second tease, confirming that the trailer will be dropping in the morning hours.

Jeremy Renner Instagram post


Hawkeye's First Look is Almost Here

It's exciting to finally have confirmation as to when fans will get their first glimpse into Clint's upcoming solo outing—not to mention the introduction of Kate Bishop to the wider MCU.

The first poster glimpsed in Renner's story shows off a Christmas theme, something which had previously been teased. Plot details other than that have been slim pickings, but there are rumors of a certain Crime Boss making his big live-action return at some point in the series.

While Hawkeye is rounding out 2021, next year looks to continue the Disney+ streak in grand fashion. Shows like Ms. MarvelShe-Hulk, and Moon Knight are likely to hit within the first half of the year, with the likes Secret Invasion shaping to cap the year off.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves—be sure to stay tuned tomorrow for when the trailer does drop, and then watch the show when it hits Disney+ on November 24 later this year.