Marvel Studios In Talks With Hawkeye Directors for Another MCU Franchise

Hawkeye Marvel Studios Characters
By Klein Felt

Hawkeye has taken the hearts and minds of the MCU faithful since its first episode debuted mere weeks ago. The latest Disney+ series has done a lot in its first four episodes in honoring the legacy of Clint Barton in the MCU, introducing fan-favorite Kate Bishop (played by Hailee Steinfeld), and teasing a potentially mind-blowing connection to the greater Marvel universe. Any way one looks at it, directing team Bert & Bernie have a hit on their hands. 

The holiday-centric streaming project has surely turned heads within Marvel, which will likely lead to a bright future for all of these characters. 

Marvel Studios has a long history of bringing in some of the best TV directors in the industry and handing them the keys to their characters on the big screen (i.e. The Russo brothers). But now, with the Disney+ vertical of their business, they can farm these talents in-house, giving creators the first chance at streaming titles before they take on more within the universe. 

This was seen with titles like WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldierand it seems like Hawkeye may be next on the list. 

Bert & Bertie Sticking With Marvel Studios

Hawkeye Avengers

In an interview with Comicbook.comHawkeye directing duo Bert & Bertie revealed that they have been in talks with Marvel Studios to helm another MCU project. 

The team said that they have "had conversations... about other franchises" at Marvel, but would not get into specifics. They mentioned whatever character, or characters, they tackle next they "want to keep [the] character grounding" found in Hawkeye:

"I think it's whatever the story calls for. I think we've loved action. We've loved making sure that the human story is front and center of the action. And it's just dependent on the characters... There's a wonderful groundedness to Hawkeye and I think whatever we do, we'd always want to keep a character grounding, whether that's in the human world, whether that goes elsewhere into the universe, that would be the center of anything we did."

What's Coming After Hawkeye?

This is exciting to hear from Hawkeye masterminds Bert & Bertie. The Disney+ series has garnered mostly positive reviews, so fans would likely be ecstatic to hear the two are coming back for more. 

As for what they two could be working on, that is the golden question. If the two were to emulate the path of the Russo brothers, then it would not be surprising to see Bert & Bertie take on a bigger ensemble project after working on a solo venture like Hawkeye

The directors mention wanting to continue on this string of more grounded superhero storytelling. Yes, they mention that it could go elsewhere in the vast MCU, but it seems that the two creators thrive in the more close-to-home Marvel milieu.

One project that immediately jumps to mind for the Hawkeye directing team could be the potential Young Avengers series or movie being set up. If Marvel Studios goes the Young Avengers direction, Bert & Bertie already have experience working with staples of the team like Kate Bishop and Yelena Belova

Or perhaps, with Jon Watts stepping away from Spidey to take on the Fantastic Four, could these two be the ones to pick up the webhead torch? Peter Parker certainly matches with that "groundedness" they are looking for. It could be a perfect fit!

But why focus on what's next when Bert & Bertie's latest effort isn't even done yet?

The first four episodes of Hawkeye can be seen now on Disney+.