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Jeremy Renner Spoils How Disney+'s Hawkeye Begins

Hawkeye Disney Plus Ronin
By Morgan Ambrose

Now that the multi-millennia-spanning epic Eternals is gracing theaters, avid Marvel fans are already eagerly awaiting their next glimpse into the MCU. Luckily for them, they won't be waiting long.

After years of appearing only in team-up projects, Jeremy Renner will be taking to Disney+ in a leading role as the eponymous Hawkeye when the show hits the streaming service on November 24. While the exact plot details have been kept a mystery, fans have been promised a wild holiday-themed adventure in the streets of New York City that will see the eagle-eyed Clint Barton helping Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop find her place as a hero.

As the release draws near, more details have been revealed about what exactly viewers can expect when the bow-wielding duo takes New York by storm.

A Steve Rogers Musical and Ronin's Return

Hawkeye Captain America

In a new press release from Disney regarding the upcoming series, key figures from the production team shared some spoiler-y insight about Hawkeye's plot. The show's leading man, Jeremy Renner, set the stage saying, “It's six days till Christmas, and [Clint]'s in New York because he got invited to see a musical about Steve Rogers.”

Rhys Thomas, who directed the first episode, heaped praise upon the fictional musical by calling it "possibly the greatest musical ever written."

“‘Rogers the Musical’ is a gift to Broadway. It’s possibly the greatest musical ever written. Unfortunately, in our show, we only get a portion of it due to our episode length, but rest assured, it’s probably the finest piece of musical theater you’ll ever imagine.”

 Not everything will be Christmas cheer for Clint, however. Bertie, one half of the Bert and Bertie directing team for the series, hinted at the reemergence of "a dark part of Clint’s past." Calling back to Clint's vengeful anti-crime campaign seen in Avengers: Endgame, Bertie mentioned "his infamous Ronin suit" coming into play:

“When some stranger is caught on camera in the middle of Manhattan wearing his infamous Ronin suit. Clint knows he has to personally see to it that the suit—and the person wearing it, if necessary—is laid to rest.”

The Original Avengers Leave Their Legacies

Much like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier before it,  Hawkeye seems to focus heavily on the legacy of the original Avengers, though in a very different way. While the former addressed three people attempting to fill the impossible void left by Steve Rogers, Hawkeye is shaping up to be a more personal exploration of Clint Barton's own influence in the MCU.

From what was mentioned about the early episodes and everything shown in the trailers, the show will be contrasting Steve Rogers' status as a beloved national icon with Clint's internal guilt over the havoc he wreaked as Ronin. While the trailers made it fairly clear that the wearing of the Ronin suit was Kate Bishop's attempt at continuing Hawkeye's legacy, Barton will likely struggle with the weight of the things he did in the years between Infinity War and Endgame.

In training Kate and putting her on a better path, Clint will get a chance to atone for his previous brutality and ensure that the version of him that is remembered isn't the one who wore Ronin's mask. Kate is also her own person who will surely put her own spin on the Hawkeye mantle, just as Sam Wilson is poised to do as the new Captain America.

Marvel seems intent on focusing on the themes of legacy and succession that they've been filling Phase Four with, and fans will get to see how that impacts the peerless archer when Hawkeye premieres exclusively on Disney+ on November 24.