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Hawkeye Disney+: Jeremy Renner Promises 'Lots of Things' Coming With Production Update

Hawkeye, Disney Plus
By Russ Milheim

Fans are currently enjoying What If...? on Disney+, which is Marvel Studios' first animated venture and also acts as the first true exploration of the multiverse after its freedom at the end of Loki. It didn't even take long for the first on-screen multiversal threat to appear in the form of Infinity Ultron.

While that story is set to come to a theoretical conclusion next week, it's time to start getting ready for what's next on the Disney+ slate: Hawkeye. The famous bow-and-arrow Avenger is getting his own solo story, one which will also introduce his unintentional protégé in Kate Bishop.

The first trailer recently dropped and with it came the promise of a fun Christmas tale, one which will explore Clint's past as Ronin prior to the events of Avengers: Endgame. Star Jeremy Renner seems to be just as excited as most fans out there, as he's now shared another tease on his Instagram story.

Jeremy Renner Teases His Hawkeye

Clint Barton actor Jeremy Renner recently posted on his Instagram story, teasing the impending arrival of Hawkeye on Disney+.

Hawkeye, Marvel, MCU
@jeremyrenner on Instagram

The first story shows the actor on the Disney soundstage, where it looks like he is recording ADR or other various voice-over lines for the show.

Marvel, MCU, Hawkeye
@jeremyrenner on Instagram

The second image doesn't show much more, except for an actual glimpse of Renner in the booth. The actor continues to tease all of the things he'll be able to share with audiences come November when Hawkeye drops on Disney+.

It's Almost Time for Hawkeye

Much like Natasha's Black Widow film earlier this year, it's about time Clint got his own story—even if he does have to share it with future MCU mainstay Kate Bishop. It will be exciting to see a tale with such a heavy focus on his story; a spotlight the character hasn't really received since the Avengers' stay at his family home in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The real question is if Jeremy Renner's former original Avenger will make it out of the show alive. There's always the chance he may try to retire again, but that hasn't worked out so well for him the last few times he's tried it. 

A heroic death seems a little too easy. While Renner has been in the MCU for quite some time, seeing him active along with Kate Bishop could make for some really fun unique storylines in the future— on top of their debut, Matt Fraction-inspired, Disney+ show, of course.

Fans will sadly have to wait until November 24 to begin their story. Until then, make sure to watch Infinity Ultron's conclusion on What If...?'s finale, and then prep yourself for Eternals November 5 theatrical release.