The Flash has had a torturous trek to the big screen. Warner Brothers has been actively developing a live-action adaptation of the iconic speedster since the early 2000s to no avail. Once the DCEU kicked into high gear and Ezra Miller was cast as Barry Allen, it seemed like a Flash film was more certain than ever.

Years of creative difficulties and ever-changing creative teams were enough to slow down the Fastest Man Alive, and even Ezra Miller was at one point in jeopardy of losing his shot at portraying Barry Allen. After some unorthodox negotiation tactics , Warner Brothers recently brought in IT director Andy Muschietti to helm The Flash , and the film's (most recent) release date was set for June 2, 2022.

Aside from a confirmation by Muschietti that the film is still adapting the famed comic book storyline Flashpoint , albeit with some possible drastic changes to the source material, news on The Flash has been in short supply.


Flash fans rejoice. In an Instagram post reported by DCEU Mythic , The Flash producer Barbara Muschietti responded to a fan's comment asking for updates on the DC film with a simple "it's coming! News very soon!"


After all the creative disagreements and behind-the-scenes disarray, it's been hard to grasp what the film could even look like at this point. The Flash 's tone, story direction, and characterization has been the cause for many of the creative differences, so fans have been eager to get even the smallest insight into the long-awaited film's production.

Muschietti's "very soon" could also confirm that Warner Brothers will be sharing updates from The Flash at either the San Diego Comic Con At-Home event , or more likely, the rumored DC virtual convention "DC Fandome". The exact type of news WB has planned is still uncertain.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the film's production was halted before they could begin filming , so that rules out the possibilities of teasers or footage of any kind. What's more likely to be presented is an assemblage of concept art, casting confirmations, and story details.

However scarce it may be, if The Flash will be revealing any sort of news at the DC Fandome event, fans will definitely be tuning in to see what the DCEU has in store for the famed Scarlet Speedster.