Star Wars The Acolyte: Release, Cast & Everything We Know

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The Acolyte is coming to Disney+, and fans are eager to learn more about this new and unprecedented Star Wars series. 

Created by Leslye Headland and starring Amandla Stenberg, The Acolyte was first announced in December of 2020 as part of Lucasfilm's upcoming Disney+ slate. 

Fans finally caught a first look at the series at Star Wars Celebration, sparking considerable anticipation for this eight-episode season of Sith and Jedi storytelling, set within a largely unexplored Star Wars era.

When Will The Acolyte Release?

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Back in March, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that The Acolyte is "going to air on Disney+ in 2024."

While rumors point toward a second-quarter debut, Disney and Lucasfilm have yet to announce a specific release date; and due to the ongoing WGA/SAG-AFTRA strikes, it's unlikely that they will anytime soon. 

The Acolyte began filming in late 2022 with series star Jodi Turner-Smith teasing its "epic" nature and "nothing anyone has seen before inside of that universe." 

The show was able to wrap filming prior to industry-wide production halts, meaning it could remain on schedule if strikers and studios can reach an agreement in the near future. 

Is The Acolyte About the Sith?

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Yes, The Actolyte is about the Sith. Both Leslye Headland and series star, Dafne Keen, have said the show is "a Sith-led story, which has never been done before."

Still, that's not to say there won't be Jedi. In fact, Headland claims the Disney+ show features "more Jedi" than another Star Wars project.

But since The Acolyte is essentially a prequel to the prequels, the showrunner noted that it's "the best time" to "explore Star Wars from the perspective of the bad guys" and when they're "the underdogs:"

"And I was like, 'I think if you want to explore Star Wars from the perspective of the bad guys, the best time to do it is when the bad guys are wildly outnumbered. When they actually are essentially the underdogs, for lack of a better term.' So this would be that era."

Who Is Cast in The Acolyte?

The Acolyte cast members

The leading star of this Star Wars series is Amandla Stenberg who's expected to be playing a former Jedi Padawan who reunites with her Jedi Master to solve a series of crimes. 

However, there is speculation that Stenberg may also be playing a twin version of her character and one who chooses a different path. 

While that remains to be seen, Stenberg is far from The Acolyte's only Force-wielding star, as she's confirmed to be joined by Squid Game's Lee Jung-Jae, Dafne Keen from Logan, and The Matrix's Carrie-Ann Moss. 

The following is a list of the series cast so far:

Fans should expect further information about these brand-new characters closer to the series premiere. 

When Does The Acolyte Take Place on the Star Wars Timeline?

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In a departure from the likes of The Mandalorian and Andor, series both set between different eras within the Skywalker Saga, The Acolyte takes place during the High Republic which is "roughly 100 years" prior to The Phantom Menace.

While the High Republic Era has been explored in print and via other Star Wars mediums, it has yet to be seen on-screen in live-action. 

According to Leslye Headland, terms like "the Renaissance, or the Age of Enlightenment" were used in terms of The Acolyte, and audiences can expect to see pristine "gold and white" Jedi uniforms because of "how little they’re getting into skirmishes" during this time. 

The Acolyte Trailer: When Will It Come Out

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The Acolyte's first teaser and which premiered at Star Wars Celebration was exclusive to the event itself and has yet to be released online. 

Just when Lucasfilm intends to drop the show's first teaser, followed by its first trailer, is unknown and likely hinges on the show's release date. 

If the second-quarter release rumors are to be believed, May 3 is the obvious date for the show's premiere as it's a Friday and the day prior to May the 4th

If so, and if Lucasfilm plans to follow the same marketing pattern as Ahsoka, The Acolyte's first public teaser could drop at the end of this year since Ahsoka's original teaser premiered during April's Star Wars Celebration, a little more than four months ahead of its August 23 debut. 

This could be followed by the show's full trailer in March 2024 given that Lucasfilm dropped Ahsoka's first trailer in July, roughly 40 days ahead of its Disney+ premiere.

However, since The Acolyte is a brand-new Star Wars property and without the same name recognition as Ahsoka, Lucasfilm could unveil the trailer a few weeks earlier, specifically during the 2024 Super Bowl. 

Still, due to the current situation in Hollywood and the ongoing strikes, marketing is particularly uncertain and may be impossible to predict. 

The Acolyte is currently slated to release in 2024.

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