Chewbacca Actor Announces Return for New Star Wars Disney+ Show

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Chewbacca Actor Star Wars

One of the sequel trilogy actors is officially returning to Star Wars in an upcoming Disney+ series.

Even though it has only been four years since the Skywalker Saga ended with 2019's The Rise of Skywalker, some of the actors that played in the sequel trilogy previously hinted that they would return to the franchise.

However, it seems as though there are no plans to include any sequel trilogy characters in the short-term plans for the galaxy far, far away, but that doesn't mean one of the actors can't come back and play a different character.

Chewbacca Actor To Play Wookiee Jedi in The Acolyte

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During the Lucasfilm Showcase panel at Star Wars Celebration, it was revealed that Joonas Suotamo will be starring in The Acolyte, the upcoming Disney+ series set before the Skywalker Saga.

Suotamo, who previously played Chewbacca in the sequel trilogy and Solo: A Star Wars Story, will appear as a Jedi Wookiee in the upcoming show.

On stage, Suotamo expressed his excitement for being in the series and said that he "wanted to be a Jedi" his whole life:

"You might have seen a hairy Wookie on stage. I’m so beyond excited, because ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a Jedi. And a while back, I was called and informed that they might want to try me on for this new role and I really only said (Wookiee noises)."

The actor then thanked Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and The Acolyte creator Leslye Headland and stated that he wants to "recreate something memorable in this new, original story:"

"You see this cast in front of you here, and it was just a joy to be joining the crew, trying to recreate something memorable in this new, original story, and I’m so glad I’m here. Thank you Kathy, thank you Leslye for giving me this opportunity because [...] rocks."

Why There's a Wookiee Jedi in The Acolyte

The Acolyte won't be the first time a Wookiee Jedi has appeared within Star Wars canon. Around the halfway mark of Season 2 of The Bad Batch, fans saw the return of Gungi, a Wookiee Jedi Padawan that first appeared in The Clone Wars.

While it is rare for Force-sensitive Wookiees to show up on-screen in the galaxy far, far away, it makes sense that The Acolyte would include one.

As teased and exclusively displayed at Star Wars Celebration, the upcoming Disney+ series is going to be set before The Phantom Menace, meaning there will be all different kinds of Jedi throughout the galaxy.

Suotamo has officially become the go-to actor for live-action Wookiees since he first appeared as Chewbacca in 2015's The Force Awakens.

If there is ever any need for another member of that species in the future, or if this Jedi Wookiee somehow makes a return in the future, Suotamo will likely be the one to get the call again.

The Acolyte is set to premiere on Disney+ sometime in 2024.

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