Star Wars' New Sith Disney+ Show Debuts First Trailer (Description)

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The Acolyte Star Wars

Lucasfilm showed off the first footage from the upcoming Disney+ series The Acolyte, which is told from the point of view of the Sith.

The original series takes place towards the end of the High Republic and before The Phantom Menace.

The show will be led by Amandla Stenberg, alongside Dafne Keen and Lee Jung-Jae. While the specifics of their characters remain a mystery, at the very least, they'll be joined by a Wookie Jedi!

The show is in the midst of production, but thanks to Star Wars Celebration, the world now has its first footage description from the series.

First Footage From The Acolyte

Dafne Keen and Lee Jung Jae, The Acolyte
Star Wars

Star Wars Celebration has kicked off, and with it, Lucasfilm debuted the first footage from the highly anticipated series, The Acolyte.

The footage begins with Lee Jung-Jae's Jedi Master teaching some younglings, where, as described by The Direct's Tom Drew and, he tells them:

"Close your eyes. Your eyes can deceive you. We must not trust them."

Then Carrie Anne-Moss's mystery character can be seen sitting at a table, hooded, in a bar. She's then attacked by Amandla Stenberg, who is donning a purple robe and two knives.

Charlie Barnett's Jedi gets some brief screentime where it's revealed that she has a yellow lightsaber.

Gritty fight sequences flashed on the screen as eight Jedi are shown taking their lightsabers out while overlooking an unknown sight.

The Trade Federation's Neimoidian species (like that of Nute Gunray) can also briefly be seen.

Friends Of Force on Twitter offered up another quote from the footage:

"This isn't about good or bad. It's about who's allowed to use it."

Witnessing the Return of the Sith

The Acolyte is going to be quite the unique Star Wars adventure.

For one, it'll be told during a new point of the timeline never before seen in live-action—or really at all. Since it'll be towards the end of the High Republic era, it might not even be considered as part of it.

Though, one would hope that given Lucasfilms' expansive High Republic publishing initiative, there will be plenty of connections to those characters and stories in one way or another.

The Acolyte will also be the first live-action project to be centered on, and told from, the villain's perspective.

Actresses Jodi Turner-Smith (who is "not a Jedi" in the show) recently hyped up the series, sharing how it'll be "nothing that anyone has seen before inside of [the Star Wars] universe."

That's quite a claim. Hopefully, it's something the project can live up to.

The Acolyte is set to hit Disney+ at some point in 2024.

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