Hugh Jackman Gave the Best Advice to Logan Co-Star Dafne Keen

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X-23 and Wolverine in Logan

X-23 actress Dafne Keen and Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman clearly had a good bond while filming Logan, and a new reveal further cemented that fact. 

Logan served as the final stint of Jackman's X-Men hero, with him, unfortunately, dying at the end. Still, the 2017 Marvel movie also showcased the impressive debut of Keen's Laura Kinney, who was later revealed to be Wolverine's daughter. 

Keen's performance was highly praised by fans and critics, with some even campaigning for her to return as X-23 in the mainline MCU. The actress addressed a potential comeback as the X-Men character, saying that she is "100 percent hopeful" about it

While fans are still waiting for her return, Keen has revealed an interesting new tidbit about her partnership with Jackman in Logan

Hugh Jackman's Smart Guidance for Logan Co-Star

Dafne Keene and Hugh Jackman in Logan

Speaking with Marie Claire UK, X-23 actress Dafne Keen talked about her experience working with Logan director James Mangold and Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman in the 2017 Marvel movie. 

Keen revealed that Mangold told her to "always go full out" on set, noting that it's "a very good tip" for actors: 

"I was told by James Mangold on the set of Logan to always go full out because if you do too much we can always bring you down. Which I think is a very good tip for actors because lots of actors tend to not give everything they have in scenes for fear of over-acting. But if you’re overacted, you’re okay because you’ll have someone telling you to do less. That’s a top tip of mine."

Keen then shared Jackman's best advice while filming Logan, saying that the cast and crew "is to be treated equally:"

"Hugh Jackman was so great as the number one on set at teaching me how to treat crew. He was the most brilliant person with the crew, he taught me how the distance between cast and crew is wrong and that everyone is to be treated equally. He was close with everyone from the crew, he knew everyone’s names and would get people lottery tickets each week. I learnt the ropes from him and feel very lucky to have been taught that by him."

Will Dafne Keen Return as X-23 in the MCU?

Hugh Jackman's advice to Dafne Keen on the set of Logan further establishes the actor's professionalism and cements why his fellow cast members and the movie crew respect him so much. 

While it's clear that this lesson will forever be etched in Keen's mind as she moves forward with more roles, this is also a good sign for the cast and crew who will work with Jackman in his upcoming return in Deadpool 3.

Meanwhile, Keen's Marvel future is still uncertain despite her willingness to return. Still, given that the Multiverse is at the forefront, anything is possible at this point.  

The MCU has yet to introduce its own version of X-Men, and Keen's impressive portrayal of X-23 in Logan could land her the franchise's version of the character. 

Moreover, there are also other X-Men heroes (and villains) that Keen could play in the world of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, thus giving her a fresh start in the MCU. 

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