Paul Rudd's Ant-Man 3 Will Reportedly Start Production Next Year

Ant-Man 3 Logo, Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lily

At the moment, Ant-Man 3 still has no release date, but there has been a decent amount of chatter around the film in the past few months. Hank Pym actor Michael Douglas previously revealed that news about the threequel will arrive soon. However, Ant-Man star Paul Rudd has been tight-lipped about the behind-the-scenes progress of the film.

Despite that, it was revealed that Rick & Morty writer Jeff Loveness has been tapped to pen the script for the third installment. More so, it has also been confirmed that Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp director Peyton Reed will return to helm the threequel . And now, a new rumor may have hinted that the behind-the-scenes progress of the film is still coming together.


Per Murphy's Multiverse , Ant-Man 3 is rumored "to begin production in June of 2021 in Atlanta."


It seems that things are looking up for Ant-Man 3 . Given the numerous delays in various big-budget productions of major films in the past few months, this new development about the third installment of the Ant-Man franchise seemingly aligns with the other production progress of MCU shows that already surfaced in the past few days. This current update also suggests that the inner workings of the film are still being worked on by the creative team.

Not much is known about the overall outlook of the third adventure of Scott Lang, but a recent tease suggests that a returning villain would still be in play. In a way, Lang's time travel adventure through the Quantum Realm will also be addressed since it's clear that Hank Pym will have a lot of questions. Based on the tone of the previous two films, there is no doubt that Ant-Man 3 will follow the light-hearted and family-centered tone of its predecessors.

Whatever the case, starting production for Ant-Man 3 could lay the groundwork for more teases and rumors, which is good news for fans eager for new MCU content.