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Ezra Miller's The Flash: Billy Crudup In Negotiations to Rejoin the DC Film

The Flash, Billy Crudup
By Trey Tobias

The Flash has had some monumental pieces of news revealed over the last few months. After it was reported that Michael Keaton was in talks to reprise his 1989 Batman role for the film, director Andy Muschietti took to DC FanDome to tease even more exciting tidbits of information about the film, which he describes as a "very deep emotional story" but also a "great, epic adventure at the same time."

Reports later revealed that Ben Affleck was also circling a reprise of his DCEU Batman role for The Flash , and now a new report is confirming the addition of yet another Justice League actor.


According to The Hollywood Reporter , actor Billy Crudup is reportedly in talks to join The Flash . Crudup previously played Barry Allen's father, Henry Allen, in 2017's Justice League.


Billy Crudup has had an uncertain history with his involvement in The Flash . Though the actor had been confirmed to appear in the film all the way back in 2016, a report in 2017 claimed that Crudup had exited The Flash . That report was later debunked, however, and according to Crudup's team, the actor was still in fact attached to portray Henry Allen in The Flash .

Billy Crudup appeared in a brief supporting role as Barry Allen's father in Justice League , with the film itself receiving poor critical reception. Years of creative conflicts on The Flash left the actor's role in the film up in the air. There was even speculation that the role of Barry's father might get recast with another actor, but with this re-confirmation, it appears that Billy Crudup is here to stay.

The confirmed addition of Billy Crudup in The Flash is a reassuring sign that even though the Scarlet Speedster will be dealing with multiple realities, alternate timelines, and Michael Keaton's Batman, the core of the story will still center around Barry Allen's family.

Justice League last saw Barry's father in prison for the murder of Barry's mother, as he received the good news that Barry got an entry-level job at the Central City crime lab. With The Flash taking inspiration from the Flashpoint graphic novel, the murder of Barry Allen's mother will play an incredibly important role in the film's story, and there's no doubt that Billy Crudup's Henry Allen will as well.

The Flash is currently set to premiere on June 3, 2022.