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Ezra Miller's The Flash Production Gets Slightly Delayed

The Flash, Barry Allen, blue background
By Pierre Chanliau

The Flash has had a long and troubled history being made into a film, even outside the trouble Ezra Miller's Barry Allen has had keeping directors and writers. However, it seems like IT director Andy Muschietti and writer Christina Hodson have lasted long enough to helm Ezra Miller's The Flash.

It was confirmed at DC FanDome that The Flash would involve Barry Allen traveling the multiverse and fighting alongside Michael Keaton's Batman.

Production for The Flash was set to start in March next year, but a new report seems to point to production beginning a bit later. The Flash has seen nothing but delay after delay, so hopefully this is one of its last ones...


Backstage reports that production for The Flash plans to start in April. Shooting for the Ezra Miller-led movie will reportedly begin at Warner Bros’ Leavesden Studios in the United Kingdom.


Fans could expect some more casting news for The Flash until the beginning of production has neared in April. New actor and actress additions should hopefully shed more light on rumors of other Batmen appearing in the movie, which already includes Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck playing their versions of the Caped Crusader.

Fans should also soon also get a better grasp of whether Cyborg will have a role in the film, as it appears that a new actor will have to take the role after Ray Fisher's recent comments.

Hopefully, Spider-Man 3 and The Flash will be different enough in how they explore their respective multiverse so that fans of both properties can enjoy each. How much “Flashpoint” will influence the DCEU's The Flash and whether it will even have a villain at all will be questions that we soon should have answers for as cameras start to roll in the coming months.

The Flash is still scheduled to be released on November 4, 2022.

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