Aquaman 2 Cast, Characters & Actors

From Jason Momoa to Temuera Morrison, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is packed with stellar actors.

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Release Date:
December 25, 2023
How To Watch:
James Wan
Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry/Aquaman
Amber Heard as Mera
Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as David Kane/Black Manta
Patrick Wilson as Prince Orm Marius
Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus
Temuera Morrison as Tom Curry
Nicole Kidman as Queen Atlanna
Don Burgess
David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick
Music / Composer:
Rupert Gregson-Williams
James Wan
Peter Safran
Previous Movie:
The Flash
Next Movie:
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The DCEU's Final Movie Undergoes Reshoots Amid DC's Reboot

Even more changes are headed for DC's final movie of the year, Aquaman 2.

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Amber Heard Speaks on Aquaman 2 Release Amid Controversial Return

Amber Heard commented on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom concerns. What did the embattled actress have to say?

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Ben Affleck Set to Return as Batman In 1 More DC Movie After The Flash

Ben Affleck still has one more confirmed Batman appearance after The Flash.

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DC Cancelled Michael Keaton's Huge Batman Future Plans

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Warner Bros.' Final DCEU Movie Gets Promising Update from Director

According to its director, Aquaman 2 has been able to roll with the punches in a changing DCU.

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Amber Heard's Official Aquaman 2 Reveal Gets Criticized by Fans

Amber Heard is back for Aquaman 2 and fans have some things to say.

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First Footage of Amber Heard's Aquaman 2 Return Released (Trailer Description)

WBD has debuted the first trailer for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, featuring Amber Heard’s Mera.

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Aquaman 2: First Official Teaser Poster Spotted at CinemaCon

The first official teaser poster has been spotted for the upcoming sequel to Aquaman.

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Aquaman 2: DC Star Accidentally Reveals Major Justice League Cameo

A DC star accidentally revealed a major Justice League cameo that will be seen in Aquaman 2.

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Aquaman 2 Reportedly Undergoing Drastic Story Changes In Post-Production

New detail suggest sweeping changes coming to Aquaman 2 after dismal test screening results.

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Jason Momoa Reportedly Exiting Aquaman Due to ‘Terrible’ Upcoming Movie

New reports are indicating that DCU actor Jason Momoa plans on leaving Aquaman behind in his wake.

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Aquaman 2 Gets Worrying News from Test Screenings

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom received disappointing updates from its test screenings.

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Amber Heard Denies Aquaman 2 Recast Rumors

Amid recent reports of Mera being recast in Aquaman 2, Amber Heard responds to these recast rumors.

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Upcoming DC Movies In Order: Every DCU Project Releasing in 2023 & 2024

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Why DC Studios' Recast Announcements Will Be Delayed Thru 2023

An explanation for why DC Studios will probably wait until after 2023 to announce its major recasts.

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Jason Momoa Casts Doubt on Aquaman 3's Fun Tone Amid DC Reboot

Following news of the DC reboot, Jason Momoa is unsure about the tone of his Aquaman 3.

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Aquaman 2 Star Speaks on Affleck AND Keaton's Batmen Appearing In Movie

Aquaman actor Jason Momoa discussed appearances by two different Batman stars in Aquaman 2.

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Every DC Superhero Movie & TV Show Releasing In 2023

The next year will be a busy one for DC, so here is every movie and TV show coming from the super-powered universe.

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Jason Momoa's 'Dream' Project Is Finally Happening In the New DCU

Jason Momoa teased that one of his "dream projects" is in development for the new DCU.

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Marvel's 2023 Movie Slate Outperforms DC's in Audience Anticipation Rankings

Marvel Studios upcoming movies in 2023 are currently outperforming DC Comics' projects when it comes to audience anticipation.

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Aquaman 2 Earns Top 5 Spot for Most Expensive DC Movie Ever

Jason Momoa’s upcoming Aquaman sequel has become one of the most expensive DC Comics films.

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10 Biggest Movies of 2023 Ranked by Box Office Earnings Potential

The 2023 theatrical movie slate is filled with potential big hits from several major studios.

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Amber Heard’s Aquaman 2 Role Gets Surprising Update Amid Controversy

It looks like fans should still expect to see Amber Heard’s Mera show up in the upcoming Aqaman sequel.

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Warner Bros. May Be Done With Jason Momoa's Aquaman

Jason Momoa may be done with Aquaman after his sequel, but he might stick with DC as an entirely new character.

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Ben Affleck’s Aquaman 2 Cameo Receives Frustrating Update

A new rumor revealed a disappointing update about Ben Affleck's cameo in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

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Every Superhero Movie Coming In 2023, Ranked by Excitement Level

Every Marvel and DC superhero movie being released next year, ranked by how excited audiences are to see them.

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Marvel Studios Casts Aquaman Star as Newest MCU Superhero Wonder Man

Marvel Studios hired Yahya Abdul-Mateen II to play the leading role in the upcoming Wonder Man series.

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Watch: New Footage From Aquaman 2, The Flash & Black Adam Released

DC officially unveiled new footage of The Batman, The Flash, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and Black Adam to promote its 2022 slate.

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DC FanDome Recap: Everything You Might Have Missed From The Batman, The Suicide Squad & More

A breakdown of all the major news and reveals from The Batman, Wonder Woman 1984, The Suicide Squad and more from DC FanDome.

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Aquaman 2: Jason Momoa Is Going Blonde For DC Sequel

Arthur Curry will be welcoming his signature blonde locks for Aquaman's sequel.

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Watch: DC Releases New Teaser for 4 Upcoming Superhero Movies

DC officially released a new teaser promoting The Batman, The Flash, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and Black Adam.

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New Trailer for Robert Pattinson's The Batman Announced Alongside Other DC FanDome Reveals

Sneak peeks at The Flash and The Batman headline the list of content that will be previewed at DC FanDome 2021.

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2022's Most Anticipated Marvel & DC Movies, Ranked by Audiences

New data from Fandango show that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is the most anticipated movie of 2022.

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Aquaman 2: Patrick Wilson's Unexpected New Look as Villain Orm Revealed By Set Photo

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom director James Wan shared an image of Patrick Wilson as Orm, who looks a lot more washed-up this time around.

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Amber Heard Shares Photo From Aquaman 2 Training

Amber Heard posted a picture on Instagram of herself training for her role in Aquaman 2.

By Richard Nebens -

Aquaman 2: Jason Momoa Reveals New Superhero Costume That's Much Darker (Photos)

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was confirmed to feature a new costume for Jason Momoa's DCEU hero.

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