Jason Momoa's 'Dream' Project Is Finally Happening In the New DCU

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Jason Momoa remains a power player in the DCU thanks to his role as Aquaman, and recently, he teased that one of his "dream" projects is in development for release.

Momoa is currently waiting for the release of his second DCU solo movie, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which was recently delayed until the 2023 holiday season. But after that film marks the end of DC's surprisingly packed slate next year, the future is wide open for this franchise's new era of storytelling.

That future is currently being planned out by new DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran, who already have a number of ideas internally for characters they want to add to the expansive superhero narrative. 

And now, thanks to Momoa's latest quotes regarding what's on the way in the DCU, fans have one of his most anticipated new projects to look forward to.

Jason Momoa Teases Epic New DCU Entry

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Speaking with Entertainment Tonight Canada, Aquaman actor Jason Momoa looked ahead to what the future holds for the new era of the DC Universe.

When asked about how Henry Cavill's return as Superman opens up doors to the Justice League reuniting in a potential fight against Black Adam, Momoa hyped up the possibilities with James Gunn and Peter Safran leading the studio. He also noted that "one of his dreams come true" will be realized under the new DC leaders:

Entertainment Tonight: "With Henry Cavill back in the tights as Superman, I gotta say, man, it looks like things are open for the JL to come back together, maybe take on Black Adam, what are your thoughts?"

Jason Momoa: "I think with Peter Safran and Mr. Gunn at the helm now of DC, very excited about that, there’s a lot of cool things that are gonna be coming up, and one of my dreams come true will be happening under their watch. So, stay tuned."

Many also believe that this is related to the subject he was excited about in a recent Instagram Story, where he wasn't able to reveal anything about what he had heard but couldn't contain his excitement:

"Alright, this needs to be documented. What’s the date today? The sixth of November. The greatest news, some of the greatest news of my life just happened. I can’t say anything about it…fuck yes!!! I can’t wait to share with you, but they won’t let me say anything, I want you to remember this day, November 6. You know who you are!"

What Does the DCU Have In Store?

Jason Momoa has been one of the DCU's biggest supporters throughout its entire run, having backed the Snyder Cut while also driving the hype train forward for his new Aquaman movies. But now, with the entire franchise being retooled under James Gunn and Peter Safran's leadership, there's no telling what could be getting Momoa so excited.

Gunn recently teased a big group of characters that could make their way into the story before long, but with the movies that Momoa has been in, there's already a feeling that it could be something bigger than just that. Particularly after Henry Cavill made his long-awaited comeback as Superman in Black Adam's mid-credits scene, it could hint that more Justice League stories are on the way.

This would truly help put the DCU back on the map, as the franchise has been without a fully hero-based solo movie since 2017's disastrous Justice League, even considering what the Snyder Cut did to make up for that effort. But regardless of what the details are, Momoa is undoubtedly ready for fans to know what this new era of the DC Universe will deliver.

Jason Momoa's next appearance as Aquaman will come in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which debuts in theaters on December 25, 2023.

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