Jason Momoa Breaks Silence on Henry Cavill’s DC Comeback

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Jason Momoa Henry Cavill Return

Aquaman actor Jason Momoa is thrilled to see Henry Cavill back as Superman in the DCU

Momoa is just the latest star to share their reaction to the shocking news that Cavill is not done donning the blue-and-red, as the Man of Steel actor popped up for a surprise cameo in last month's Black Adam

Cavill's return is just the start of a wave of changes coming to Warner Bros. and DC Studios, as WB looks to reinvent how they tackle super-powered storytelling. Momoa has already sounded off on other headlines from this new era of the DCU. 

This time though, the actor spoke on the recent DC news of Justice League co-star Henry Cavill coming back to the franchise after questions over if fans would ever see his take on the Kryptonian again. 

Momoa Excited by Cavill's Superman Return

Superman, Aquaman

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight (ET), Aquaman star Jason Momoa shared his reaction to news of Henry Cavill coming back to the DCU as Clark Kent/Superman. 

Momoa said that "it’s awesome" that Cavill is back, noting that he "(loves) Henry" while calling him "amazing."

He also reacted to the Superman actor's first appearance back at DC in Black Adam, opining:

"Dwayne’s amazing, so I’m like ’Wow, what an epic thing if that happens for DC.'”

Momoa has been making waves recently with his talk of a "dream" project of his being in the works at the newly-minted DC Studios. The actor told ET Canada: 

“Because of me, and my dream… and I brought [it] up to Zack Snyder a long time ago, and now, it went to [James] Gunn. and went to my boy Safran and they’re like, ’hell yeah.’”

What this actually is, remains to be seen. But with both new DC Studios Co-CEO James Gunn and Momoa hinting at Superman villain Lobo being involved in something coming up the in the DCU, and with the Aquaman actor voicing his desire to play the villain in the past, the excitement surrounding Cavill's return could mean a whole lot more. 

Is Jason Momoa Hiding Something?

After what felt like months of remaining fairly silent on his DC ventures, Jason Momoa is offering up a whole look of super-powered takes all at once over the past few weeks. 

Of course, maybe he is slowly getting the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom marketing machine going, plus he still remains one of the biggest names attached to the DCU, but it feels awfully odd that he has come out of the woodwork all of a sudden being an open book. 

It would make sense that Momoa is excited that Cavill is back as Superman. These two go way back at WBD. But does this excitement have another layer to it? 

After James Gunn shared a photo of Superman villain Lobo on his Mastadon page recently, and Momoa's enthusiasm around playing the character, could all this be leading to the actor taking on the role in Man of Steel 2? 

There would have to be some logistical gymnastics to be done if this were to be the case, seeing as Momoa is still Aquaman in this universe. But with James Gunn and Peter Safran now at the helm, perhaps anything is possible. 

Momoa can be next seen in the DCU in December 2023's Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

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