Did James Gunn Just Tease Man of Steel 2's Big Villain?

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Updated:
Superman, Henry Cavill

Man of Steel 2 is confirmed to be in development, but no other details have been revealed. However, a new post from DC Studios head James Gunn may have led to speculation if he is teasing the Superman sequel's main villain. 

Henry Cavill's Superman made his official return to the DCU in Black Adam's post-credits scene. Afterward, the actor announced his comeback in a heartfelt announcement, teasing that what fans saw in the Dwayne Johnson-led movie is a "small taste" of what's to come. 

Cavill even addressed the possibility of seeing Man of Steel 2, noting that "there are definitely murmurings about it." This is on top of his comment that he hopes to continue playing the character "for many years to come." 

Now, another tease about Man of Steel 2 might've been unveiled. 

James Gunn Potentially Hypes Up Man of Steel 2's Villain

In his first post from his official Mastodon page, DC Studios head James Gunn shared an image of Lobo, a known Superman villain from the comics and cartoons:

Lobo, DC

Alongside the image, Gunn's caption reads "Glad to be here," indicating that more teases and hints will be shared on Mastodon. 

Gunn's post might mean nothing, but the arrival of Lobo in live-action could be teasing his involvement in Henry Cavill's Man of Steel sequel as its chief villain.

In DC Comics, Lobo is an intergalactic bounty hunter and recurring nemesis (and sometimes ally) of Superman. The villain possesses extraordinary strength on a similar level to the Man of Steel, superhuman durability, and an accelerated healing factor.

Lobo, DC Comics
DC Comics

Will Lobo Actually Become Man of Steel 2's Villain?

While seeing Lobo and Superman go toe-to-toe in live-action is an exciting prospect, this latest post from DC Studios head James Gunn could simply be his way of teasing the character's DCU debut instead of becoming Man of Steel 2's big villain. 

Lobo being part of the DCU is a strong possibility, considering the character's vast comic book history. Moreover, Lobo is an interesting character that could produce entertaining scenes alongside other members of the Justice League if given the chance. 

In fact, a scrapped HBO Max series involving Lobo was revealed in 2021, but Gunn's posting could indicate that he has big plans for the character. 

Man of Steel 2 may still incorporate Lobo into its story if the sequel decides to focus on an intergalactic villain like Brainiac. It's possible that Lobo may be hunting down Superman at first, but he will ultimately cooperate with Earth's protector if he finds out that a more dangerous foe will look to destroy the planet. 

Whatever the case, adding Lobo into the mix creates an interesting lineup of characters for the DCU presently and beyond.

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