Black Adam Post-Credits Explained: Man of Steel 2 & Suicide Squad 3 Teased

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After a long wait, Black Adam is finally here. Despite mixed reactions from critics, the hype surrounding the DCEU movie has been sky-high, with Dwayne Johnson being at the center of it all. 

Warning - the rest of this article contains spoilers for Black Adam.

In the weeks leading up to Black Adam, Johnson has been hyping up Superman's appearance in the movie, with him even teasing that he shows up in the "third act." 

Not only that, but the former WWE Champion directly addressed Henry Cavill's Superman return by simply mentioning, "Welcome home" in a previous interview. 

And now, the Black Adam mid-credits scene has finally paid off all the teases from Johnson in an eventful way. 

Black Adam’s Mid-Credits Scene Explained

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After successfully defeating Sabbac, the mid-credits scene begins with Black Adam inside the palace at Kahndaq when a drone suddenly appears in front of him. The device then projects a live video message from Viola Davis' Amanda Waller, expressing her frustration that Teth-Adam managed to escape her underwater prison. 

While noting that Black Adam now has her attention, Waller tells him that Kahndaq is his prison now, and she will take immediate steps to stop him if ever he leaves the city. The Task Force X leader's message makes Black Adam smirk, with him pointing out to Waller that "there's nobody on this planet who can stop me."

Not to be intimidated by Black Adam, Waller then tells Kahndaq's protector that she also has some allies who aren't from this world that can take him down. 

After Black Adam destroys the drone with his electricity, another caped superhero suddenly descends from above and lands in front of Black Adam. When the dust settles, Henry Cavill's Superman emerges to note that "it's been a while since anyone's made the world this nervous."

Superman then calmly says, "Black Adam, we should talk." The DCEU anti-hero then smirks once again as the scene cuts to black. 

Did Black Adam's Mid-Credits Scene Just Tease Man of Steel 2's Story?

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It finally happened: Superman has officially returned to the DCEU. 

Henry Cavill's comeback in Black Adam's mid-credits scene further solidified his bright future in the franchise, but did the brief sequence hint at the potential plot of a currently-being-developed Man of Steel 2? The short answer is no, and here's why. 

Dwayne Johnson shared that he believes that a Superman and Black Adam showdown is not an ideal place to go in a sequel to the anti-hero movie or even Man of Steel 2. Moreover, the DCEU newcomer also teased that a possible confrontation may be further down the road, saying that "[they] can't go right there, right away."

The actor's comment makes sense, considering that there is still a lot to explore with Superman in terms of his development. Cavill previously noted his "unfinished business" with the character, sharing that Man of Steel 2 could do a deep dive to uncover more "reason[s] for the character [to] never kill again."

It is unknown if Black Adam will appear in the Superman sequel, but there's a strong chance that the DC hero's conversation with Kahndaq's protector will at least be referenced in some form. 

All in all, Superman's appearance at the end of Black Adam is DC's way of reminding fans that he is still present, and is actually a solid launchpad for Man of Steel 2

Will Black Adam Appear in The Suicide Squad 3? 

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Amanda Waller's significant presence in Black Adam could hint that Dwayne Johnson's anti-hero might show up in the sequel to The Suicide Squad. 

The endings of both The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker made it clear that Waller is not yet done with her plans for Task Force X, and the fact that she is eager to pull the strings in Black Adam essentially proves that there are more missions to come. 

It's possible that Waller will try to recruit the Man in Black for a Task Force X mission, but the threat needs to be massive in order to justify his placement on the team. Seeing Johnson's Teth-Adam alongside the likes of Peacemaker and Harley Quinn would be an exciting development. 

On the flip side, Black Adam could instead be the threat that Task Force X needs to take down. There's a chance that the anti-hero will escape Kahndaq to explore other places on Earth, leading Waller to take notice and send her team to go after him. James Gunn is reported to be working on more movies for Warner Bros.'s DC division, so perhaps a third Suicide Squad movie could include The Rock's Black Adam in some form.

A glaring problem with the latter option is that it risks repeating the Justice Society's efforts to bring Black Adam down in the movie. Moreover, Teth-Adam already told Waller that nobody on Earth can stop him so sending Task Force X to stop him would be an actual suicide mission. 

Whatever the case, Black Adam is here to stay and there will be more storylines and avenues for the character to show up as DC ushers in a new era. 

Black Adam is now showing in theaters worldwide. 

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