Black Adam 2: DC Actor Teases Amanda Waller’s Role In Potential Sequels (Exclusive)

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While Black Adam obviously gives plenty of focus to Dwayne Johnson's anti-hero, he was far from the only big DC character taking up screen time. Joining him was the JSA - a team comprised of Dr. Fate, Hawkman, Cyclone, and Atom-Smasher. Also, to the surprise of many, another big name showed their face: Viola Davis' Amanda Waller.

From the moment audiences see Hodge's Hawkman for the first time, they learn that he's working with Waller, which doesn't seem like it's a one-off circumstance. For those who may not know, Waller is the mysterious boss behind Task Force X, and has appeared in Suicide Squad, The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker, and now Black Adam.

However, it's pretty interesting that a hardcore hero such as Hawkman would decide to be okay with working alongside her. After all, she is not necessarily known for being the most trustworthy individual or for working within the confines of the law.

Now, the actor behind Hawkman has opened up about how long she's been working with his hero and on the chances of her returning for a Black Adam sequel.

Could Amanda Waller Return?

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In an interview with The Direct's Russ Milheim, Black Adam's Aldis Hodge spoke about his character's interesting working relationship with Viola Davis' Amanda Waller.

When asked how long the two characters have been in leagues with one another, he revealed that it "goes back a little while," potentially up "to the point of her even starting her job:"

“Well, I mean Hawkman has been the leader of the JSA for ages. So this relationship that Carter Hall has with Amanda Waller goes back a little while. Probably to the point of her even starting her job, her position there, right? But the beautiful thing about bringing her into that space and what we’re kind of teeing up is, you know DJ is really building out sort of a new foundation for the DCEU, starting with Black Adam, introduction of JSA. What he’s doing is building bridges, so all the worlds can come together, right? "

Amanda Waller, Viola Davis

He continued, noting that he hopes they "get to expound on that in the later films to come:"

"You’ll be able to comfortably see other characters interact and engage from other DC platforms, because [Dwayne Johnson] understands that from a fan perspective, they want to see the worlds come, you know? So I’m not gonna speak on any particulars, but I will say there is a history there and you know, hopefully, we get to expound on that in the later films to come.”

Shazam, DC

When asked if the JSA knows about Zachary Levi's Shazam, the star revealed that he knows the answer to that question but "just can't say:"

"I can't say all that. I can't say.  I don't know... I do know, I just can't say."

The Suicide Squad Vs. Black Adam

The obvious guess of what could come out of an Amanda Waller return is a Black Adam sequel revolving around the inclusion of the Suicide Squad. Maybe Waller feels that her team of fugitives is a good option to try pitting against Teth-Adam.

Though, seeing as she seems to have Henry Cavill's Superman at her beck-and-call, it's hard to see how they'd be better for the job over the Man of Steel.

Unless, maybe, instead of sending them directly against Black Adam himself, the team could be sent on a top-secret stealth op in Kahndaq—one that Dwayne Johnson's anti-hero can't know about.

Perhaps, that's a storyline the writers can weave in with the Amulet of Isis, the magical object that gives Adrianna Tomaz powers in the comics. Maybe Waller feels she doesn't want another superpowered leader at Black Adam's side, so making sure Teth-Adam doesn't find out about its existence would be paramount.

In that situation, Superman may very well be the diversion instead of the main threat.

Black Adam is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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