DC Update Reveals Surprising Fact About Henry Cavill's New Superman Contract

By Savannah Sanders Posted:
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After years of pre-production purgatory, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Black Adam has finally arrived in theaters with the promise to change the hierarchy of the DCU. 

But in a strange - yet strategic - twist, Johnson's Teth-Adam isn't even the most-talked-about character from the film.

That honor belongs to Henry Cavill's Superman whose post-credits cameo just may be Hollywood's worst-kept secret. 

The real question is what his reprisal means for the DCU moving forward. And, interestingly enough, it sounds like Warner Bros. is asking the exact same question. 

Henry Cavill Already Fulfilled His New Superman Contract?

Superman, Henry Cavill

According to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision, Henry Cavill's Superman contract for Black Adam was a one-off. 

Therefore, at the moment, there's nothing on paper confirming additional DCU roles or his reprisal in that rumored Man of Steel 2 film, even though Warner Bros. is reportedly interested in both.

But if Cavill does sign on for more Superman projects, he won't be the only cape-wearing Kryptonian. 

Amidst the Black Adam news, reports have also claimed that Warner Bros. is still moving forward with Ta-Nehisi Coates' Black Superman movie. 

Plus, Sasha Calle's Supergirl is still slated to make her DC debut in 2023's The Flash

The Future of the DCU Is Still in Question?

Dwayne Johnson wasn't wrong when he claimed the hierarchy of the DCU was about to change. But instead of Black Adam, he was the one to change it.

Following the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, the studio expressed its interest in more Superman and an MCU-inspired plan for the DCU moving forward. However, the details of the said plan were never revealed. 

Fans now know that Dwayne Johnson had personally been fighting for Cavill's comeback and was finally successful in doing so under new studio leadership. But in Johnson getting his way, Warner Bros. Discovery has essentially told its audience that Henry Cavill is definitely still its Superman. 

While the studio is seemingly embracing Cavill, Johnson's actions may have forced Warner Bros. to abandon its intentions for a new cohesive superhero universe a la MCU. After all, Cavill's Son of Krypton is a product of Zack Snyder's vision for the comic book universe with past DC credits to his name. 

But what happens if Cavill chooses not to sign a new Superman contract with Warner Bros.? Where will that leave the universe and the studio then? And, how will Black Adam's potential franchise continue after that post-credits scene?

Unless Cavill is intent on returning no matter what, his interest in signing a new contract will likely depend on how well the film performs at the box office and how his cameo resonates with fans. 

And so, for now, it seems that the future of on-screen Superman and the DC Universe is, as usual, unknown. 

Black Adam is playing in theaters worldwide. 

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