Henry Cavill's Superman Return: New Rumor Teases Black Adam Scene

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Black Adam, Superman

Warner Bros. is just about a month away from the release of its next superhero movie within the DCEU, Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam, bringing one of the most powerful characters ever into the struggling franchise. But even while excitement builds to see The Rock make his DCEU debut, one name remains on the minds of many fans as the franchise moves forward - Henry Cavill's Superman.

Cavill hasn't been seen in the DCEU since 2017's disastrous Justice League and the subsequent Zack Snyder's Justice League in 2021, although an actor playing Superman made a small cameo at the end of 2019's Shazam! as well as the Peacemaker finale. 

There was also a rumor that Cavill was set to make a surprise appearance at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, but when that didn't come through, DC fans couldn't help but express their disappointment over the matter.

And while there are still no confirmations whatsoever about Cavill coming back for his first DC outing in five years (besides a few cryptic Dwayne Johnson teases), a new rumor teases how it might be set to come with Black Adam in just a few weeks.

Cavill Coming Back as Superman Soon?

Black Adam, Superman
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Insider KC Walsh took to Twitter to tease that Henry Cavill could be set for an appearance as Superman in Warner Bros.' Black Adam, which debuts in theaters on Friday, October 21.

One tweet included an image of Dwayne Johnson from the movie along with a dialogue exchange between him and another character, with the other saying they're "not from this planet:"

“There is no one [on] this planet that can stop me” 

“Good thing I’m not from this planet…”

The first line is directly stated by Black Adam in the most recent 'Darkness' TV spot for the movie.

Black Adam
Warner Bros.

A fan shared that tweet and jokingly added the caption "Headless cameo LETS GOOOO," referencing the faceless Superman cameo from 2019's Shazam!.

However, Walsh replied to this tweet only a minute later with a simple "No," indicating this cameo is more substantial than what fans saw in 2019.

Superman, Shazam!
Warner Bros.

Will Cavill & Johnson Meet in Black Adam?

Even with four new DCEU movies set for release before the end of 2023, Henry Cavill's absence as Superman has the fandom on edge, particularly with how big of a character Superman is in the DC mythos. His only solo movie is nearing a decade since its release, and outside of Zack Snyder's Justice League, Cavill hasn't been seen as Superman in far too long.

Should this rumor actually turn out to be true, it could be a game-changing moment for the DCEU as the franchise tries to get back on its feet, even with a film that stars someone as big as Dwayne Johnson already. It could also dispel the rumors from earlier in the summer that Cavill was finished with the role, although fans are still unsure what DC has planned for the Man of Steel.

When Johnson first started developing Black Adam, he noted how he wanted to play a character as powerful or more powerful than Superman, giving this movie a chance to include a full-circle moment by actually featuring Cavill's hero. But even with fans hearing that Warner Bros. may go in a different direction with this major character, there's no way to count out Cavill for good.

Black Adam will premiere in theaters on Friday, October 21.

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