Did Dwayne Johnson Just Tease Superman's Surprise Cameo In Black Adam?

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DC has faced plenty of obstacles over the years in trying to get its cinematic universe off the ground. From problematic stars to departing creatives, Warner Bros. has been pushing for years to build a live-action DCEU. Among the biggest controversies surrounding the films and series so far is the lack of involvement from Henry Cavill's Superman, who has so far only appeared in Man of SteelBatman v Superman, and Justice League.

Even with DC's most famous powerhouse hero absent, Warner Bros. isn't shying away from bringing other stacked heroes into the spotlight. Dwayne Johnson will soon make his debut as the villainous ruler of Kahndaq in Black Adam - a magical character who has famously battled the Man of Steel many times in the past.

Many are eager to see Black Adam face-off against both Cavill's Superman and Zachary Levi's Shazam in the future, but neither is currently expected to appear in The Rock's DC debut. However, Johnson himself may have just teased the Man of Steel may appear in Black Adam after all. 

Dwayne Johnson Teases Superman in Black Adam

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In response to a fan sharing their hopes for Superman to make a cameo in Black Adam, titular star Dwayne Johnson teased a surprise appearance from the Man of Steel.

@thegeekofsteel shared an image of Superman and Black Adam's chest emblems side by side, with a caption that offered hopes for the Man of Steel to appear:

"Heroes! I can’t wait for this movie. I don’t care if there are no cameos in it but if there are…"

Superman Black Adam

The Rock retweeted the post explaining how he has "learned to always listen to the audience," before going on to cryptically hint that he has "always got you:"

"From back in the day when I was wrestling in flea markets for $40 bucks a match, all the way to now. I’ve learned to always listen to the audience because they will always lead you to where you need to go. I hear you & I always got you."

Is Henry Cavill's Superman in Black Adam?

With five years now having passed since Henry Cavill last got in front of the camera as Superman, the future looks bleak for his iteration of the Man of Steel. Despite a lack of presence from the British actor, Superman has appeared twice since then in the DCEU, with him appearing up to the neck only in Shazam! and hidden in the shadows in Peacemaker​​​​​​.

There's no telling whether Cavill will be back in the DCEU anytime soon, but Warner Bros. is reportedly eager to get Superman back on screens, and the British star still appears interested in returning. Even still, The Flash will reportedly reboot the DCEU next year, and rumors suggest the speedster flick heavily indicates Cavill is done in the role.

Dwayne Johnson has long been teasing his desire to fight Superman and Shazam on the big screen, but there's nothing to suggest that will come in Black Adam. If the Man of Steel were to appear in the villainous DC spin-off, it will likely come in a similar capacity to his Shazam! cameo to tease a future crossover.

Black Adam has long stood among Superman's toughest rivals in DC as his magical powerset takes advantage of the Kryptonian's second-most famous weakness. But chances are The Rock's villain will face off against Zachary Levi's Shazam before going toe-to-toe with Superman, but the chances of Cavill being the actor for that honor appear slim. 

Fans will have to wait until Black Adam hits theaters on October 21 to find out whether Superman will be tagging along for the ride.

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