DC Fans Furious Over Misleading Henry Cavill Superman Report at Comic-Con

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While there was considerable hype for Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam presentation at San Diego Comic-Con, he wasn't the only DC character fans were expecting to see. Leading up to the Hall H panel, rumors and reports suggested that Henry Cavill's Superman would be sharing the stage with Johnson; but in the end, that expectation was never realized, leaving fans surprised, confused, and even angry.

Following 2017's Justice League, Henry Cavill's uncertain future as Superman has been a hot topic of speculation amongst fans and one that has received new life due to the recent Warner Bros. Discovery merger

Whether the studio would revive Cavill's take on the Man of Steel or seek out a new Son of Krypton was a question the DC faithful hoped Black Adam would answer, especially since Dwayne Johnson had been teasing the presence of Superman in his upcoming film. 

These hopes seemingly became reality when a report claimed Cavill would be part of Comic-Con's Black Adam presentation. However, much like the film's tagline, fans needed a hero. What they got was Black Adam

No Henry Cavill as Superman in Black Adam?

Henry Cavill Superman

Despite an earlier Deadline report indicating that Henry Cavill's Superman would be making a surprise appearance at San-Diego Comic-Con, that proved not to be the case when the Hall H presentation for Black Adam came to a close.  

Fans immediately took to social media to respond, and the backlash has been as swift and angry as Black Adam himself. 

For instance, one fan called out the source of the rumor on Twitter, accusing the report of "lying" about Cavill's involvement: 

"Thanks @Deadline for lying about Henry Cavill showing up at Comic Con. Effin hell."

Another user was equally frustrated as they questioned "Where's Henry Cavill?" during the Black Adam presentation:  

"Where's Henry Cavill? Grrrr"

ComicBook.com's own Brandon Davis responded to Cavill's absence with his own disappointment: 

"Damn, no Superman."

Meanwhile, another fan referred to the rumor as "mean:"

"Henry Cavill rumour was mean!!"

One user vented their frustration about those online who "believed Cavill would show up:"

"F in the chat for everyone who believed Cavill would show up announce a new Superman project."

One fan was a bit more comical in their response, asking "did DC just forget" following the presentation:

"Uhhh did DC just forget to show Henry Cavill lmao…"

Meanwhile, yet another user also called out the source of the rumor:

"Wait so Deadline was wrong? No Henry cavill?"

They then followed up the first response with another, questioning why the source would report on the rumor as they usually "don't report on stuff unless they're certain it's happening:"

"Why would Deadline report that Henry Cavill rumour then? I thought the whole point of sites like Deadline, Variety and THR is they don’t report on stuff unless they’re certain it’s happening"

Did Cavill's Absence Overshadow Black Adam? 

While the mystery of Cavill's DC future continues, the Man of Steel still managed to have a presence during the panel. 

When Johnson was asked whether Black Adam or Superman would win in a fight, the actor responded by saying, "Depends on who is playing Superman," implying that Cavill may not be back after all. 

This response actually supports a different report which claimed Cavill's Superman would have a faceless cameo in Black Adam but would not be played by Cavill himself. 

As to why other reports believed Cavill would actually be present with Johnson in Hall H is currently unknown; however, his absence is particularly glaring considering his fellow Justice League cast members were included in the new trailer for Shazam! Fury of the Gods

While Warner Bros. Discovery has made it known that Superman is a priority, the studio passed on a prime opportunity to confirm their plans for one of DC's most iconic heroes. In doing so, they may have hurt the conversation surrounding Black Adam as well. 

Black Adam arrives in theaters on October 21, 2023.

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