Man of Steel 2 Is Actually Happening With Henry Cavill (Report)

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Henry Cavill, Superman

It’s been a long time since Henry Cavill has worn his iconic Superman cape. The last time he donned it for a movie was 2017’s Justice League (2021’s Zack Snyder Cut aside). Since then, the actor and his future with the character have been in question.

Recently, however, it’s been rumored that the Man of Steel will be appearing in Black Adam for a big cameo. Needless to say, the chatter surrounding his portrayal of the hero has never been louder.

Could fans finally be done with Superman’s faceless cameos?

Now a new report has supposedly revealed that the new regime over at Warner Bros. is very much looking to bring Cavill back into the picture. In fact, even a solo project for the Kryptonian is said to be in development.

Henry Cavill's Superman Gets an Update


In a new report from The Hollywood Reporter, it's been revealed that Warner Bros. very much has its eyes on reprising the Henry Cavill iteration of the hero.

A project that is described as "essentially... Man of Steel 2" is being produced by Charles Roven and currently searching for writers.

Another name WB seems to want involved is Christopher McQuarrie, the man behind the recent Mission Impossible films. However, his involvement may not be possible due to his work on that series, which is filming movies back-to-back.

What is Superman's Next Story?

It's hard to believe Man of Steel came out all the way back in 2013. Since then, Henry Cavill has only been in ensemble outings as Superman, never his own solo project. Thankfully, it seems that’s about to change.

But what could a sequel have in store?

Well, for one, Sashe Calle’s Supergirl will almost certainly be involved in some way. Audiences will first meet her in next year’s The Flash, but given how important she was to the DCEU’s potential future at one point, Kara will likely still be used to a similar degree.

As for who Cavil may fight, if it truly is his own solo project, Brainiac could be a fantastic pick. Mister Mxyzptlk would also serve as a unique and fun foil to Clark Kent’s Superman.

Now, if this mystery project is more of a multiple-DC-character affair, then it could easily be the rumored Black Adam vs. Superman project. If that’s the case, hopefully, Clark will go and get Zachary Levi’s Shazam for some help. After all, it is Billy Batson who is Teth-Adam’s true nemesis.

Black Adam hits theaters on Friday, October 21.

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