Henry Cavill Teases How Long He'll Play Superman In New DCU

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Henry Cavil, Superman

After over half a decade, Henry Cavill has finally returned as the DCU's Man of Steel.

The last time his version of Superman was seen on screen was during Joss Whedon's Justice League back in 2017—not including Zack Snyder's recut of that same movie in 2021. Since then, many fans had thought he was done with the role, as it seemed Warner Bros. was set to make some big changes.

However, with the recent big change of leadership at WB, the situation seems to have changed. This was seen when Dwayne Johnson was able to convince the powers at be to allow Henry Cavill to officially step back into his iconic role for a big post-credits bit following his debut DCU film Black Adam.

The quick scene saw the superhero standing up to Teth-Adam, warning him that the two of them needed to talk.

Since then, the actor has released a public video thanking fans for their support while also voicing his excitement to be back. Now, in another interview, Cavill has also teased a long future as Clark Kent.

The World Has Superman Back

Justice League, Superman

In an interview with Extra TV, Henry Cavill commented on finally being back as the Man of Steel for the DCU.

When the interviewer asked if it was true that Dwayne Johnson was the one who helped get him back into the cape, Cavill noted that "it's difficult to say what exactly happens behind the scenes," but that the Black Adam star was certainly one of the voices on his side:

"I think there's—it's so difficult to say exactly what happens behind the scenes. There's been a lot of voices involved. I'm so thankful for voices like Danny Garcia and Hiram Garcia, and indeed Dwyane [Johnson being so involved in helping me come back to this character. I mean, the deeper I dig the more voices I discover... but, Danny and have a close relationship as well because she was my manager... 

He continued, making it clear that he's "so excited to dig further into this character:"

"... it's just a pleasure to be back to be honest. And I'm so excited to dig further into this character and to explore this character some more and make that I give the audience everything that they deserve with this character."

In response to Dwayne declaring Cavill's Superman as the best superhero ever, Cavill, the actor exclaimed that the support "means a lot" and that he hopes to continue being the character "for many years to come:" 

"It obviously means a lot, and I mean Superman is—he's the guy. He's that character who I think almost every culture will know if you say Superman in English in it to anyone from any country who speaks any language, they're going to understand the concept of what it means. That's why it's so—and I don't throw this around often, because I think a lot of people throw it around—but it is humbling to be the guy who gets to be the custodian of that character once again and, hopefully for many years to come as long as I do justice by the character."

Where Will Cavill Show Up Next?

Well, coming straight out of Black Adam, it seems clear that the superhero's involvement in Teth-Adam's next adventure is likely. Though, given how he's particularly prone to magic, he might need to call in Zachary Levi's Shazam for some backup.

Far sooner than that, however, Cavill could easily show up at the end of The Flash. Previous rumors had spoken about how the movie would end with a brand new universe, one which would have a slightly adjusted status quo. Maybe now, with the executive landscape at WB being different, Superman could join Sashe Calle's Supergirl in protecting this new timeline.

But what of Superman's own franchise? Well, recently The Hollywood Reporter recently indicated that there isn't anything on paper yet for the star to return in a solo film of his own—yet.

However, with Henry Cavill publically stepping away from his leading role in The Witcher, the timing would suggest that might not entirely be the case. Though, there could have been completely unrelated factors regarding his former Netflix show.

Whatever the case may be, fans are clearly happy to have him back in the cape. Hopefully, the world will be graced with his Man of Steel for some time to come.

Black Adam is currently playing in theaters worldwide.

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