Jason Momoa Issues Cryptic Statement About His DC Future Amid Reboot

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While it's unknown if any SnyderVerse actors will stay with their roles in the new DCU under James Gunn and Peter Safran, one major Justice League actor is teasing that he has "some really good news" to share soon. 

Jason Momoa is one of the actors who have become part of fans' conversation about the reboot. Ahead of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, it was reported that Warner Bros. might be done with Momoa's portrayal of the titular King of Atlantis. 

However, that same report also mentioned that the actor would continue to be a "pivotal figure" in the new plans for the DCU moving forward. Momoa himself added more fuel to the fire by teasing his dream DC project, cryptically indicating that he wants to play the Superman villain, Lobo

Now, an exciting update from the actor has emerged.

Justice League Actor Hypes Up New DCU

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In his latest Instagram story, Aquaman actor Jason Momoa expressed his excitement about the upcoming DCU, indicating that he has "great news with Warner Bros." ahead of the upcoming reboot:

“Four years ago, I had the jeep out front… Y’all remember four years ago? I was screaming, wasn’t I? … Screaming when I left Warner Bros. Everybody ready? YAHOO! Four years again. It’s a mystery, baby… I’ve got some really good news. Great news with Warner Bros. Amazing."

Momoa ended by expressing his love toward DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran and Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav: 

"Wish I could tell you, but here it is. Peter [Safran], I love you. James [Gunn], I love you. David [Zaslav]. Okay. To the future, to the future.”

Momoa previously teased that "one of his dreams come true" will be realized under the new DC leaders, and this latest video could be his reaction to receiving the news that his dream project will finally happen.

Is Jason Momoa Teasing Aquaman 3 or the DCU's Lobo?

Jason Momoa is clearly excited about the new DCU, and this could indicate that he will stay for good in Warner Bros.' superhero franchise. However, his cryptic tease offers many possibilities, but it can likely be narrowed down to two things: Aquaman 3 or Lobo. 

It is unknown whether or not the actor received the news that he will stay on as Aquaman in the new DCU and continue with the threequel, or he will play an entirely different character like Lobo. 

A past report indicated that the new DCU is described as a "broad but not blanket reset" where nothing is ruled out, meaning that the likes of Aquaman 3 could eventually happen. It's possible that Momoa received early news that he will continue to portray the Atlantean hero while being honored as one of the remaining fixtures from the past DCEU.

On the flip side, getting a reaction like this from Momoa could very well mean he finally landed his dream job of playing Lobo. 

If true, it remains to be seen how Lobo will be introduced. Gunn and Safran could revive the scrapped HBO Max series featuring the Superman villain, considering that The Suicide Squad director already confirmed that he's writing an unannounced DC TV show

No matter what happens, things are looking up for Momoa in the DCU. 

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom premieres in theaters on Monday, December 25. 

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