The DCEU's Final Movie Undergoes Reshoots Amid DC's Reboot

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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the final film in the DCEU, underwent reshoots in advance of its December release date. 

With a universal reset courtesy of DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran, Aquaman 2 is set to close out this current era of DC storytelling, officially putting an end to the Zack Snyder era of the super-powered franchise. 

The Jason Momoa-led blockbuster has not had the easiest go of it thus far, being marred by actor controversies, a worldwide pandemic, and now a full-on franchise reboot coming in its wake.

All of this comes on top of the multiple changes the movie has gone through, including the studio reportedly "completely [changing] the plot" in the middle of post-production.

Aquaman 2 Underwent Reshoots

Aquaman, Jason Momoa

According to Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom star Patrick Wilson, the DCEU's final movie recently went through a series of reshoots ahead of its release later this year. 

The Ocean Master/Orm actor recently told The Hollywood Reporter (while promoting his recently released film, Insidious: The Red Door) that he was a part of reshoots for the film just a couple of weeks ago, remarking, "Orm is awesome. I was with him last week."

This comes after Aquaman actor Jason Momoa was seen posting on his personal Instagram in early June seemingly prepping for the very same reshoots. 

Momoa Instagram 1

Momoa took to his Instagram stories on June 16 (via Reddit), wearing elements of his Aquaman 2 costume, including the caption "@mananalu.water look good with Aquaman."

Momoa Instagram 1

What's Happening with Aquaman 2?

Despite how "awesome" Patrick Wilson might say his character and Aquaman 2 as a whole may be, it is a little concerning to see the film going through even more changes this late in the game. 

One has to remember this was a movie that wrapped filming back in December 2021, exactly two years before the film will hit theaters. 

Yet, reports have revealed the movie remains in a constant state of flux, with Warner Bros. purportedly making sweeping changes to the movie in post-production. 

These changes have included multiple cameos coming in and out of the film, as well as more significant moves like the reported reworking of the movie's story. 

Of course, if this finagling of the plot has taken place, these reshoots make sense. 

What very likely happened, is as the studio and the Aquaman 2 team worked through these changes, it became clear they would not be able to complete the film as is. So, they got the band back together and headed back out to set for a few weeks of reshoots. 

While reshoots are a common occurrence in the business of modern moviemaking, Aquaman 2's circumstances feel a little different. 

Given how many forms The Lost Kingdom has seemingly taken over the years, one has to worry the movie could arrive in theaters as something of a Frankensteined mess, after having been chopped, trimmed, and reworked into submission.

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom comes to theaters on December 25. 

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