New Aquaman 2 Scene Details Reveal Natural Disaster Plot

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While the world is currently focusing on the drama-riddled DCEU outings of The Flash and Batgirl, why not take a step back and look forward to one of the upcoming DC Comics films which looks to have had the least turmoil: Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom? Sure, there’s the Amber Heard controversy and the potential replacement of Michael Keaton, but other than that, the upcoming sequel seems to be smooth sailing.

But what else is known about the movie’s plot? Well, not too much. One big rumor indicates Mera is set to have a child, while previous reports revealed that Black Manta would be returning to give Arthur Curry some problems as he’ll likely be the film’s key protagonist. 

Patrick Wilson’s Orm will also be returning, looking a little rough around the edges.

Now, thanks to an interview with the lead star, it seems that fans have a new nugget of info in regards to what they can expect going into the upcoming blockbuster.

New Aquaman 2 Plot Details Revealed

Aquaman 2

In an interview with GQ Magazine, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom star Jason Mamoa talked about his upcoming film while also revealing some new plot details.

The actor noted that “[they] try to put out a positive message” and how “it’s amazing to be able to bring awareness of what is happening to our planet:”

“These superhero movies dominate our market, which I have my own thoughts on because I love cinema, but we try to put out a positive message and go on an adventure… Aquaman is the most made-fun-of superhero in the world. But it’s amazing to be able to bring awareness of what is happening to our planet. It’s not some story that’s been told over and over, [it’s a] movie about what’s happening right now but in a fantasy world.”

Mamoa shared that his next outing is “a lot funnier” than the first and teased how "[they] really get to speed up what is going to happen to this Earth, and it’s not because of aliens.”

It was also revealed that there is a scene in the sequel where Arthur Curry gives a grand speech to the United Nations, warning them of a natural disaster just around the corner. Mamoa and his family also happened to address the real United Nations while at their Ocean Conference this past June in Lisbon.

He admitted that “it made [him] feel extremely proud seeing [his family] speak for themselves and take this heavy moment in:”

“It made me feel extremely proud seeing [his family] speak for themselves and take this heavy moment in… I’m not as young as I used to be. It’s scary having kids and knowing what is going to happen to our planet if we don’t change shit now.”

A Natural Disaster is Coming to the DCEU

Seeing as Aquaman is, well, Aquaman, it makes sense for a big plot point of the movie to be based on environmental activism. His main duty is to his people and the oceans as a whole, so those kinds of themes and messages fit right in.

Whatever this natural disaster is in Lost Kingdom, odds are it was started or accelerated by Black Manta. The villain is fairly upset at the Justice League members and anger can make people act foolish—such as endangering the entire planet in pursuit of one man.

Though, maybe this natural disaster is related more to a bigger threat than just Black Manta. Maybe it’s connected to something much larger, like Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Fans will just have to wait to find out while also hoping that Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav doesn’t blow anything else up.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hits theaters on March 17, 2023.

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