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After months of chatter across the internet, with fans begging to finally get a trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, the much-requested teaser finally arrived. It brought with it an entirely different look at a peace-keeping Thor, the return of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and a peek at King Valkyrie. Most importantly, it included the world's best look at Natalie Portman's Jane Foster as The Mighty Thor.

The character's appearance in Taika Waititi's next entry in the franchise has been known for a while. Up until this point, however, the only glimpses of the new God of Thunder were in marketing material which had fallen through the cracks a little early.

Now, with the release of the project's first trailer, even more previews of what the film holds for audiences have started to come to light. This includes what is now the best look at the iconic helmet of Jane Foster's Thor.

Best Look At Mighty Thor's Helmet announced that a replica of Jane Foster's Mighty Thor helmet from Love and Thunder is coming to the Marvel Museum Collection from Hero Collector.

Thor, Marvel, Jane Foster, Portman

The replica is not life-size but instead stands 6-8 inches on a base with its film of origin labeled on the front.

Thor, Marvel, Jane Foster, Portman

The comic-accurate design can be seen on full display, with burgundy accents across the helmet.

Thor, Marvel, Jane Foster, Portman

For those looking to compare, here is what the helmet looked like on Natalie Portman herself in the recently released trailer for the upcoming Marvel Studios film.

Thor, Marvel, Jane Foster, Portman

Other items from the company include the Iron Man Mark VII Helmet, the Infinity Gauntlet, Black Panther’s Mask, and Thor’s enchanted hammer, Mjolnir.  All of these Marvel Cinematic Universe artifacts are recreated as highly accurate, hand-painted polyresin models.

The Mighty Thor Helmet will retail for $44.39 USD/ €49.99 / £39.99 and will release on September 1.

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Thor Helmet

Many fans are undoubtedly thrilled to see Jane Foster getting her helmet right out of the gate. While that part of her costume may seem like common sense to include, Thor's helmet was basically never used throughout all of the MCU—a truly saddening observation to think about.

With the inclusion of Jane's headgear right of the bat, it's a great sign that Marvel Studios is far more open to some of the more colorful ideas they may have once shied away from. Although, it could also have to do with her cancer storyline in the comics, which was recently confirmed to play a role in the upcoming movie. When Jane Foster doesn't have the power of Thor, she has a shaved head, but once she summons the powers of Mjolnir, her luscious hair returns alongside her striking costume.

She's not the only one who looks to be getting a helmet this time around. According to promotional art, Chris Hemsworth's Thor also has himself a brand new striking yellow helmet to go along with his new colorful costume. Hopefully, this is a sign of the MCU fully embracing the wild uniforms that run rampant throughout Marvel Comics lore.

Thor: Love and Thunder hits theater on July 8.

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