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The Suicide Squad: James Gunn Confirms Early Release In the U.S.

Suicide Squad James Gunn
By David Thompson

James Gunn's first film since 2017's MCU blockbuster Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2, DC's The Suicide Squad is set to hit theaters and HBO Max next month. Margot Robbie is returning for her third appearance as Harley Quinn, and Idris Alba and John Cena will make their DC Films debut in the movie.

After some believing Alba was recast as Will Smith's 2016 portrayal of Deadshot, it turns out the British actor will star as a new member: Bloodsport. John Cena is playing Peacemaker, which already has a green-lit HBO Max series that is nearing the end of production.

Gunn's latest comic book flick isn't a direct sequel, nor is it a reboot of David Ayer's Suicide Squad. This R-Rated detour from Marvel will be something new from James Gunn that takes place within the DCEU.

For fans who are eager to see Starro, King Shark, and Polka Dot Man, the writer/director announced some good news.


James Gunn took to Twitter to present a brand-new The Suicide Squad poster and announced that fans in the U.S. can see the film a day early on August 5, 2021. It is unclear if this means Thursday night theater showings or also on HBO Max.

The new poster features the members of The Suicide Squad standing along Amanda Waller's (played by Viola Davis) face.

Gunn captioned the announcement with "For those of you who can’t wait, #TheSuicideSquad is coming to you a day early in the US - see it on the evening of Thursday, August 5 - which also happens to be my birthday. #InSquadWeTrust"

The poster can be seen below:

The Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller, Viola Davis
Warner Bros.



Back in October 2018, James Gunn had recently been fired from Marvel and was reportedly in talks with Warner Bros. to make a Suicide Squad sequel. In January 2019, the film was officially announced and given The Suicide Squad title.

Fast-forward two and a half years later, and Gunn's latest death-filled journey is just around the corner.

As previously mentioned, it's unclear if The Suicide Squad will also be available on Thursday, Aug 5 on HBO Max, but fans wanting to see it in theaters can rest assured. 

Warner Media upset a lot of filmmakers when it announced at the beginning of the year that all of its films would be released day-and-date in theaters and on HBO Max. Another untraditional maneuver was made when Godzilla v. Kong came out on a Wednesday instead of the typical Friday. 

It's unknown how much Gunn's announcement will ultimately affect movie-goers, but the statement specifically says U.S. fans can see the movie a day early. This indicates some sort of exclusivity beyond the normal run-of-the-mill Thursday night previews of Marvel's recent Black Widow release.

The last comic book movie with a nontraditional release date was Sony and Marvel Studios' Spider-Man: Far From Home which released on Wednesday, July 2, 2019. 

With the latest news, fans can celebrate Gunn's birthday in style when The Suicide Squad premieres in theaters and (possibly) HBO Max on August 5.