Idris Elba Teases ‘Big’ DC Superhero Return In the Works

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Idris Elba reached a unique milestone in 2021, becoming the latest actor to play a major role in both a Marvel movie and a DC movie. That DC role came with his inclusion in last year’s The Suicide Squad, playing arguably the movie’s headlining role as the mercenary Bloodsport after starring as Heimdall in the MCU's Thor movies since 2011.

With death and mayhem seemingly coming at every turn in The Suicide Squad, Elba’s Bloodsport survived the final battle against Starro the Conqueror in Corto Maltese. However, with so many changes taking place within Warner Bros. Discovery due to the company merger, his future remains as uncertain as the rest of his DC counterparts in the coming years.

Rumors had even teased that Elba was set to come back to his DC role in a Bloodsport-centric spin-off last year, although The Suicide Squad director James Gunn was quick to shoot those rumors down. But now, the actor himself has shared that this comeback may be on the way sooner than expected during press rounds for his latest movie.

Idris Elba Indicates DC Return Coming Soon

Idris Elba, James Gunn

Fandango's Erik Davis teased on Twitter that Idris Elba is close to making his comeback within the DC universe.

During press rounds for Elba's new movie, Beast, Elba told Davis that fans would see him next in a DC project rather than a Marvel one. He even indicated that he has "a really big thing cooking" for that DC return, although he didn't share any other specific details. Davis' tweet can be read below:

"NEW: I just spoke with Idris Elba about his new film Beast. I asked what we’ll see him in next - a Marvel project or DC, and he said DC. He said he’s got a really big thing cooking for DC right now. Full interviews for BEAST will drop soon & my reaction drops tonight"

Elba made his DC debut as Bloodsport in 2021's The Suicide Squad.

When Will Elba Return to DC?

Idris Elba remains an important part of the comic book movie world, especially after his emotional cameo as Heimdall in the second post-credits scene from Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder. Now, a full year after appearing in his first DC movie, his most recent comments have anticipation building for when he will wield his powerful Bloodsport weapons once more.

At the moment, it's difficult to pin down when any projects tying back to The Suicide Squad will go into production, although Gunn confirmed that Peacemaker Season 2 is still set to be made. But due to the aforementioned merger, there are no official plans in place for Bloodsport's next appearance, at least none that are known to the public.

Elba's comments could indicate that news about his return will come in a more official capacity soon, although he's doing his part by keeping the project a secret. Hopefully, Peacemaker's status will mean that his own Bloodsport movie or show is safe from the ax, but there is still plenty up in the air for the studio as a whole in this new era.

The Suicide Squad is available to stream on HBO Max.

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