James Gunn Debunks Idris Elba's Bloodsport Spin-off Rumors While Teasing DC Character's Future

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James Gunn recently released his latest movie in the form of The Suicide Squad. The film was a soft reboot of 2016's failed Suicide Squad—this time though, the reception was far better, with many claiming the installment to be exactly what Warner Bros. needed in the DCEU.

One of the standout characters was Idris Elba's Bloodsport, whose character is all but nothing in the comic source material. But Gunn brought the character out of obscurity and into the spotlight, and everyone loved him.

The same could be said for many of the other cast of the film, but with Elba being the de facto lead of the outing, his conflicted father figure stuck out. 

Gunn has been open about his conversations with Warner Bros. about doing more projects in this universe, but fans haven't had any information about what those conversations could possibly be. A recent rumor had suggested that it could be a Bloodsport solo project—but director James Gunn was quick to shoot it down in front of the whole world.


Idris Elba Bloodsport

James Gunn took to Twitter to clear the air about recent rumors that The Suicide Squad breakout character Bloodsport was in the running to get his own solo project from Warner Bros.

In the tweet, Gunn says that "There is a possibility" that fans may see the character again, but that "there is nothing currently in development."

"There is a possibility of seeing more  Bloodsport in the near future - something I'd love to see! - but there is nothing currently in development. So this story is false."

The original source of the Bloodsport project rumor is The Cosmic Circus, who updated their story to replace James Gunn's so-called debunking.

Lizzie Hill, the journalist behind the website, admitted that "it's entirely possible I've gotten ahold of incorrect information," but went on to say that "that there may be things in motion that even Mr. Gunn is unaware of it."

"While it is entirely possible I've gotten ahold of incorrect information, I also have a lot of faith and trust in, and a long history of accurate past information from the main source here. In short, I don't believe anyone here is lying, and there may be things in motion that even Mr. Gunn is unaware of. And yes, I know, I have no doubt he knows much more than me about this and probably most things. However, I (very respectfully) stand by my reporting here."


For fans that loved Gunn's recent outing and all of its characters, it's a fairly safe bet that the surviving characters will show up somewhere down the line. They may even make an appearance in John Cena's upcoming Peacemaker show.

That show could even be the best bet for fans to see Idris Elba's Bloodsport again. After all, the two characters now have an unresolved dispute, since Peacemaker made it out of the rubble alive after Bloodsport shot him.

If there is ever a sequel to The Suicide Squad, it feels like a solid bet that most of the cast will return for another adventure. With how many fans around the world have attached to the likes of King Shark or Ratcatcher-2, it would almost be a crime for them not to see the big screen once again.

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