DC Boss Debunks Suicide Squad Recast Rumors

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Suicide Squad and Justice League

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn set the record straight on whether the actors from The Suicide Squad were safe from being recast in the new DC Universe (DCU).

Gunn and his partner, Peter Safran, have made headlines in recent days with the news of a new story for Superman in the DCU, one that didn’t use Henry Cavill in the role. This set off a chain reaction as fans heard reports that the rest of the DC Universe would be recast as well, setting up a completely blank slate for Gunn and Safran.

Considering Gunn's own work as a writer and director on newer DC projects in The Suicide Squad and John Cena's Peacemaker, many have theorized that the new DC head may opt to keep the stars from those projects as he builds a new DC Universe.

But as fans discuss who is and isn't safe from this expected round of recasting under Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD), Gunn has taken to social media to share his own perspective on what's happening behind the scenes.

DC Studios Head Clarifies Recast Rumors

Suicide Squad, James Gunn

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn responded to a fan on Twitter about whether the entire DC Universe outside of the cast of The Suicide Squad would be recast.

A fan noted how interesting it could be to see "how Peacemaker and SS (Suicide Squad) characters/actors live on" while all the others are recast, especially with the interactions they've already had in the DC Universe. 

However, Gunn, made it clear that this rumor is "untrue," noting there's zero likelihood of a scenario in which every Justice League & related actor gets recast while The Suicide Squad actors stay on.

"I keep seeing posts with this untrue theory. We're not recasting everyone except The Suicide Squad."

While Gunn keeps this message intentionally broad and vague, there are a couple of different ways that it could potentially be taken when looking at DC's future. 

The simplest option is to go with a full reboot, meaning that every role from the DC Universe over the past decade will be recast. The studio could also choose to keep certain actors from The Suicide Squad and other recent projects and recast the rest.

When Will DC Future Become More Clear?

James Gunn is known for his propensity to set the record straight on what's happening with his projects, although he also knows when to keep things vague the way he's doing with this report.

Considering Gunn's passion for The Suicide Squad and its characters, it wouldn't be surprising if he wanted to keep that story going and give the actors from the movie more work in later projects. Plans are already in place for Peacemaker to get a second season on HBO Max, with filming reportedly set to begin in a few months, although things could change drastically with Gunn now in charge of the entire DC Universe.

Although both Gunn and Safran have had success in the old era of the DCU, they will seemingly both be losing some key players should they decide to move forward with a complete and total reboot of the story. Gunn has even acknowledged that not every DC fan will be happy with their decisions no matter what the final choice is, noting that he and the team will make every necessary decision with integrity and the best intentions for the franchise in mind.

More news on this matter will come when the new DC Studios CEOs reveal their plan in full in early 2023, but that won't stop fans from discussing what's on the way as the wait continues.

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