DC Developing Suicide Squad HBO Max Show Focused on Amanda Waller

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The winds of change are blowing at Warner Bros., especially when it comes to the studio's efforts in the world of DC Comics. The recent merger with Discovery has made the studio reevaluate its super-powered ventures, making changes where changes need to be made, and doubling down on things that are working. A couple of those names that have been working are The Suicide SquadPeacemaker, and the various characters associated they those properties. 

The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, both directed by James Gunn, breathed new life into the DCEU for many, offering up a violent, funny, and full-of-heart take on a group of characters that had flopped in their first outing with WB. 

One of the few names from the world of The Suicide Squad that made their way over from the failed 2016 Suicide Squad film was Viola Davis's Amanda Waller. The veteran actress played the stone-cold government official who came up with the idea of Task Force X. 

Now after Waller appeared in both The Suicide Squad and its spin-off Peacemaker, it seems as though their world is in for even more of the character. 

Amanda Waller Getting Her Own Series

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Variety reported that Viola Davis is in talks to star in an Amanda Waller-focused series for HBO Max. 

The DC project, which is reportedly being executive produced by James Gunn, is mostly shrouded in mystery, but it is said to be picking up where Peacemaker's finale left off when the character appeared in the The Suicide Squad spin-off. 

Another Brick in the Wall-er

Ever since 2016's Suicide Squad first debuted, fans have praised Viola Davis' performance as Amanda Waller. Sure, that first movie was not the best, but Davis was largely not part of that problem. She turned in a true-to-the-character portrayal that has only gotten better with each ensuing appearance. 

With all that said, it is kind of hard to see who was asking for Waller to get her own spin-off series. In a franchise that has big names like Superman and Green Lantern, who both seem to be sitting on the bench for now, why does someone like Amanda Waller warrant a show of her own? 

Rumor is this Amanda Waller series will be much more serious than Peacemaker or The Suicide Squad, being played like a straight drama rather than a comedy. The best part of this version of the character is she is a straight man. While everything and everyone else is zany and ridiculous, she is the one who sits there is a straight face.  At least from what fans have seen so far, this version of Waller is best when playing off of the likes of Harley Quinn and Peacemaker.  

So, what is she going to do in a solo spin-off? Well, this could be the opportunity for Warner Bros. and DC to flesh out the spy-centric side of this comic universe, something Marvel has done splendidly with films and TV series like Captain America, Agent Carter, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

It is too early to tell what the quality of this series will be, but at this point, it does make one question what audience is something like serving. 

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