Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey Spin-off Reportedly Being Developed for Black Canary

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Warner Bros. recently released The Suicide Squad into theaters and on HBO Max, a film that while critically praised didn't fare so well at the box office due to the current world climate. Either way, the James Gunn film brought Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn back into the fold, a character who has easily been DCEU's most popular figurehead.

Harley Quinn also starred in last year's Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey, a film in which said character teamed up with other DC Comics heroines such as Black Canary and Huntress. That film, however, while technically more successful than Gunn's recent release, hasn't received any word on a proper follow-up.

In fact, Margot Robbie recently made it clear that there wasn't any sequel in the works of which she was aware. Good thing for fans then, things may have changed since then—but not in the way one might expect.


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Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. might be going forward with a Black Canary project.

According to Cinelinx, the studio has chosen Misha Green to write, and it is said to be a film—potentially a series—that is likely to follow the events of Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey. 

Misha Green is known for her recent work on Lovecraft Country for HBO, a series that also starred Black Canary star Jurnee Smollett, who is set to reprise the titular role.


While Birds of Prey may have been a rocky film, Jurnee Smollett was great in the role. Hopefully, with a project focusing specifically on Black Canary, it will be able to venture into more comic-accurate territory for the character.

For one, it would be great to see Green Arrow finally reach the film side of things. When it comes to Black Canary, the two are extremely entwined as characters—something no one would have guessed based on Birds of Prey alone. Exploring Dinah's own world will most likely lead to at least a passing mention of the emerald archer

Smollett has spoken out in the past about wanting to do another DCEU project, but until now, there hasn't been any indication that she would get that chance; so, she's probably pretty happy to be getting this opportunity.

For those wanting a proper Harley QuinnBirds of Prey sequel, if Mishap Green's project is successful, then the odds of that wish being granted will go up tenfold.

Birds of Prey is now streaming on HBO Max.

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