Superman and Lois Season 4: First Look at Main Actors Revealed

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Superman and Lois

Superman and Lois fans got their long-awaited first look at the main actors that will take center stage in the series' upcoming Season 4.

The CW's long-standing Arrowverse is about to come to an end with Superman and Lois Season 4's premiere, as the network confirmed that this season will be the final one for the massively interconnected set of DC franchises.

Although the Arrowverse is no more, Superman and Lois managed to avoid cancelation due to the massive viewing numbers it still brings in for the network, even while some of the story takes place outside of the main Arrowverse timeline.

First Look at Superman and Lois Season 4 Stars

Superman and Lois star Elizabeth Tulloch shared the first look at herself and other actors from the set of Season 4 in a new Instagram post.

Elizabeth Tulloch, Tyler Hoechlin, Superman and Lois Set

Along with a selfie featuring series co-lead Tyler Hoechlin, Tulloch stood between Jordan Kent star Alex Gargin and Jonathan Kent star Michael Clive Bishop for another picture.

Alex Gargin, Michael Clive Bishop, Elizabeth Tulloch, Superman and Lois

She also posed for her own solo picture in which she held up four of her fingers above a script for Season 4, teasing the start of her work for the show's final season.

Elizabeth Tulloch, Superman and Lois

On top of these pictures, Tulloch included a caption celebrating her first week back at work while also shouting out two other shows, Grimm and A Million Little Things, for fans who looked through all the pictures she shared:

"Some shots from our first week back to work on 'Superman And Lois.' 'Grimm' and 'A Million Little Things' fans, swipe for a surprise"

When Will Superman and Lois Season 4 Release?

Due to the visual effects work needed to complete production after 2023's writers and actors' strikes already delayed Season 4's release, fans are not expecting Superman and Lois to be back on the air for the foreseeable future.

Most recently, the series' total Season 3 schedule ran from September 2022 until March 2023, with the first episode of the new season debuting on the very day production officially ended.

What should help Season 4's timeframe is the diminished episode count, with Superman and Lois' final season only consisting of 10 episodes instead of the 15 from the first two seasons and Season 3's 13 episodes.

With filming set to continue until late April, there is a chance that episodes could start airing just before Season 4's shooting schedule finishes. But in the end, The CW will certainly make sure the final season is fully ready for fans to see and enjoy before setting a release timeframe, especially considering how popular it still is.

Seasons 1-3 of Superman and Lois are available to stream on Max.

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