Disney Announces MCU Cruise Show Featuring Paul Rudd, Brie Larson & More Marvel Actors

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Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, Captain America

Marvel Studios is enjoying a great stretch of content releases thanks to Eternals' imminent debut and the hype building for the Spider-Man threequel and the Doctor Strange sequel, among others. This endeavor is also helping Marvel's parent company, Disney, in a big way too, as Disney theme parks and attractions worldwide are able to use the MCU in new and exciting ways for fans.

Most prominently, this comes with Avengers Campus at Disney's California Adventure, which gives Southern California visitors a fully immersive experience in a real-world recreation of the MCU's biggest moments. 

Park-goers are already raving about the land's big attraction in "WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure," giving riders the chance to go full Spider-Man and stop an army of rogue Spider-Bots with Tom Holland's Peter Parker. Other highlights include Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum and the Ant-Man Test Kitchen, and that's not even counting the inclusion of material from the MCU's movies and Disney+ shows consistently adding to the magic.

Now, a new experience is on the way aboard the Disney Wish cruise ship in the form of "Worlds of Marvel," a new dining experience in which fans will take a deep dive into various Marvel lands. Additionally, new details are coming to light about some special guest appearances that will come with this attraction.

Ant-Man & Captain Marvel Take the Seas

The Disney Parks Blog revealed that the "Worlds of Marvel" dining experience on the Disney Wish cruise ship will feature multiple MCU stars as part of a real-life Avengers mission.

The show, entitled "Avengers: Quantum Encounter," will include Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, Anthony Mackie as Captain America, and Evangeline Lilly as the Wasp. Also lending voice talents to their roles are Kerry Condon as FRIDAY and Ross Marquand as Ultron, which Marquand also played in Marvel Studios' What If...?.

The show will feature Ant-Man and the Wasp presenting powerful superhero tech, including a demonstration of new Pym Tech before Ultron and an army of sentries take control of it. The miniature heroes turn to Captain America, Captain Marvel, and fans dining in the restaurant for backup, and there are even rumors of another unknown hero joining the fray as well.

The restaurant is designed with hundreds of video screens and special effects all across the restaurant, which have already been shot and are now in post-production and editing. This is all taking place while the Disney Wish is under construction, and the show will officially debut in Summer 2022.

The release also came with a full poster for the attraction featuring all four heroes and Ultron's eyes in the background, which can be seen below:

Avengers: Quantum Encounter Poster


A New Alternate MCU Timeline from Disney Wish

Marvel Studios has collaborated with Disney brilliantly over the last few years to give fans a new look into the MCU, almost always featuring the stars that built the franchise to what it is today. This experience comes as yet another addition to Disney's growing MCU legacy, as fans get to go to a dinner unlike any ever seen before.

While the specific food menu is still being kept under wraps, diners will be thrown into their own MCU outing alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes as Hank Pym's technology becomes subject to another one of Ultron's villainous wraths. While the four heroes involved have only shared minimal screen time in the canon MCU, they will work together and find a way to use their powers to defeat one of the franchise's most powerful villains.

It also comes as a huge accomplishment to get four big-name actors from the MCU into this project, especially since all except Mackie are currently confirmed to be shooting their own MCU movies for Phase 4. Paul Rudd and Brie Larson specifically are deep into production on Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and The Marvels, with both set to come to theaters in 2023.

This material was likely planned out the same way director James Gunn and his squad planned for the work on the "Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind" ride before shooting for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Now, the wait begins to see just how impressive this new attraction will be when the ship is fully completed.

The Disney Wish will set sail in Summer 2022.


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