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Doctor Strange 2 Trailer Rumor Reveals When the First Footage Could Debut

Doctor Strange, MCU, Marvel, Benedict Cumberbatch
By Russ Milheim

One of the biggest trailers of all time is Avengers: Endgame. Even biggerSpider-Man: No Way Home.

It's a little crazy to think about, but it isn't hard to believe given the fact that the film is set to introduce the Multiverse in a new way for the MCU and bring old villains, and potentially heroes, into the fray. All of this is no thanks to Doctor Strange's botched spell—so be sure to thank him.

This film seems like it will be the good doctor's biggest run-in with the Multiverse, as he's only skimmed it in the past. While it's not known how big of a role Benedict Cumberbatch's Sorceror Supreme will have in the movie, everyone does know that Spider-Man: No Way Home will only be a fraction of what Stephen Strange will experience in his next solo film.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set to hit theaters early next year and will truly give Strange a run for his money when it comes to the secrets that the Multiverse holds. While the movie might be a ways away, the trailer isn't that far out—maybe.

When Will Doctor Strange 2's Trailer Release?

Doctor Strange 2 Multiverse of Madness

According to reliable scooper Daniel Richtman, the trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness may be landing at some point in December.

Richtman posted a tweet saying that "[he] hear[s] [the] Doctor Strange 2 trailer in December."

This release time frame makes perfect sense for the film, as not only would it put it out just in time to air alongside Spider-Man: No Way Home, but the trailer would get that prime holiday spot.

Doctor Strange Trailer Just in Time for Spider-Man

It's exciting to finally learn when fans might be seeing their first look at Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch's next adventure. However, releasing a trailer only 3-4 months out from the movie is closer than normal; five months out is the normal range.

Either way, getting a glimpse into the madness that will incur will be nothing short of thrilling. With all of the whispers that have been making the rounds about the film, it seems like it will be truly insane. If it's truly set to potentially feature Scarlet Witch going up against an X-Men or Fantastic Four character, there's no way it won't be nuts.

Sadly, fans still have almost half a year left before Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness hits theaters on March 25, 2022. It's a shame fans don't have a Time Stone of their own––though, neither does Stephen Strange.