The Nun 2 Gets Imminent Online Release Date (Report)

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The Nun 2

Warner Bros. is quickly looking ahead to the upcoming online release for its latest horror movie, The Nun 2.

Five years after James Wan’s The Nun hit theaters in 2018, director Michael Chaves took over the franchise for the 2023 sequel. Taissa Farmiga, younger sister of The Nun’s Vera Farmiga, took over lead billing, with Jonas Bloquet and Storm Reid also appearing.

Featuring Wan as a producer along with DC Studios co-CEO Peter Safran, The Nun 2 became the eighth movie in The Conjuring universe, showing Farmiga’s Sister Irene investigating a priest’s murder in 1956 and encountering a new kind of evil.

How to Watch The Nun 2 Online

The Nun 2 poster
Warner Bros.

When To Stream revealed that The Nun 2 will be available for online purchase on digital/VOD platforms starting on Tuesday, October 3, with fans able to buy the film on platforms like YouTube and Amazon.

This comes only a mere 25 days after the sequel initially premiered in theaters on September 8, even though it actually performed admirably at the box office.

As of September 27, The Nun 2‘s box office haul comes out to just over $205 million globally, with $70 million of that total coming domestically.

As mentioned above, the 25-day VOD window marks one of the shortest windows of any Warner Bros. film released this year, even for a studio that isn’t very attached to the big screen right now.

Two of Warner Bros.' big DCU releases, The Flash and Blue Beetle, both became available digitally after only 32 days in theaters, with both films not performing well at the box office.

One movie coming in with an even lower window than The Nun 2 was Jason Statham’s The Meg 2: The Trench, which only ran in theaters for a meager 21 days before it hit VOD marketplaces.

The only exception to this trend was Margot Robbie’s Barbie, which became the hit blockbuster of the year with over $1.4 billion in box office earnings.

Taking those returns into account, the film had a 53-day window from theatrical release to digital debut as Warner Bros. looked to maximize earnings for The Nun 2.

When Will The Nun 2 Begin Streaming on Max?

With The Nun 2 being available for digital purchase so quickly after its theatrical debut, it’s clear that Warner Bros. is in full-blown rebuild mode as the company looks to get back into the black financially.

Now, the only big question that remains is when the sequel will be available to stream on Max, especially considering it’s already outgrossed other major outings like The Flash and Blue Beetle.

Below are nine of Warner Bros.’ biggest films and their theatrical-to-streaming windows, the lowest of which comes at 45 days and the longest of which is 112 days:

  • The Batman - March 4, 2022 - April 18, 2022 (45 days)
  • Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore - April 15, 2022 - May 30, 2022 (45 days)
  • Elvis - June 24, 2022 - September 2, 2022 (70 days)
  • Don't Worry Darling - September 23, 2022 - November 7, 2022 (45 days)
  • Black Adam - October 21, 2022 - December 16, 2022 (56 days)
  • Magic Mike's Last Dance - February 10, 2023 - June 2, 2023 (112 days)
  • Shazam! Fury of the Gods - March 17, 2023 - May 23, 2023 (67 days)
  • The Flash - June 16, 2023 - August 25, 2023 (70 days)
  • The Meg 2 - August 25, 2023 - September 29, 2023 (56 days)

This is Warner Bros.’ second horror film of the year after Evil Dead Rise, which wound up earning just under $150 million at the box office and came to Max 63 days after its June 23 opening.

Two other horror hits from 2023, M3GAN and Scream VI, had much shorter windows at only 49 days and 46 days, respectively.

In The Nun 2’s case, this more than likely means that the sequel will hit Max sooner rather than later, almost definitely within the next few weeks.

Given its surprisingly successful box office run, Warner Bros. may hold off on bringing it to Max for a couple of extra weeks. In the end, it should be available to stream before the end of November, about 60-75 days after coming to theaters.

For now, The Nun 2 is now playing in theaters and it will be available for digital purchase starting on Tuesday, October 3.

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