The Meg 2 Gets Imminent Online Release Date

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Jason Statham, Meg Shark

Meg 2: The Trench, starring Jason Statham, will be available to purchase from home soon on digital platforms.

The Trench has been an international hit at the box office, grossing over $250 million overseas, with $106.3 million coming from China. The sequel stars popular Chinese actor Wu Jing, helping draw in that audience.

The biggest hit of the summer, Barbie, has grossed only $34.6 million in the same market. 

However, Meg 2 hasn't been a success domestically as it has earned ess than $70 million stateside, pointing to an imminent digital release.

When to Watch Meg 2: The Trench Online

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Warner Bros. confirmed, via WhenToStream, that Meg 2: The Trench will be available to purchase online on Friday, August 25. That equates to a tight 21-day theatrically exclusive window for the swimmin' sequel.

This shouldn't come as a major surprise as Warner Bros. (WB) has been less attached to theater exclusivity than other studios in 2023. Films like Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Evil Dead Rise were all made available for digital purchase three weeks or less after hitting theaters.

The historical flop that became The Flash was made available 32 days after release, and even Barbie, the studio's most successful film in years, will be online 46 days after opening.

When Will Meg 2 Stream on Max?

As is the destiny for most films distributed by WB, Meg 2: The Trench will be heading to Max sometime later this year.

Considering the quick turnaround in August from theaters to digital platforms there's a high likelihood Max subscribers won't have to wait long to stream The Trench.

Based on previous 2023 WB films that have already opened in theaters and are now streaming on Max, fans can expect Meg 2 to hit the streamer 60-70 days after hitting theaters.

Sticking to the trend of WB putting films on streaming on Fridays, the likeliest release date for Meg 2: The Trench on Max is Friday, October 6.

Meg 2: The Trench is now playing in theaters and will be available to purchase online on Friday, August 25.

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