Barbie 2023 Movie Gets Imminent Online Release Date

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After a historic run at the box office, Barbie will be available to purchase online next month.

Barbie is projected to be the highest-earning film of 2023, set to surpass The Super Marios Bros. Movie's $1.35 billion worldwide haul.

Opening in theaters on the same day, Universal Pictures' Oppenheimer will not be headed to online platforms anytime soon, due to its 120-day exclusive theatrical release window.

When to Watch Barbie 2023 Online

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Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. (WB) announced that Barbie will be available for digital purchase online on Tuesday, September 5. 

This gives fans the opportunity to watch the summer blockbuster at home just 46 days after the film's opening.

Warner Bros. has been aggressive with its turnaround times to purchase on VOD, The Flash (a box office bomb) was available online 32 days after hitting theaters on June 16.

A fellow 2023 DC film, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, had a lighting-fast exclusive run in theaters. Three weeks following its opening, Shazam! 2 could be purchased online. 

In an even quicker example, Warner Bros.' Evil Dead Rise hit digital platforms on May 9, a sinister 18 days after its theatrical release.

While compared to these other WB films, 46 days still is a quick turnaround for a $1 billion movie in theaters. Then again, the only other $1 billion film in 2023, Super Mario Bros. could be purchased online 41 days after opening.

When Will Barbie Start Streaming for Free?

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling's summer smash will be heading to Max sometime in 2023. 

However, it could be a while considering how successful the Barbie film has become in theaters during July and August this year.

In addition, WB will likely earn millions of more dollars from digital PVOD sales and merchandise heading, especially heading into the Halloween season.

The Flash was just confirmed to hit Max 70 days (August 25) after opening in theaters. On the polar opposite end of the box office success spectrum, it's more than likely that Barbie will have a long wait until being available to stream for free.

If it were to follow a 70-day release window, then Barbie would hit Max on September 29.

A 90-day gap between the opening in theaters to streaming on Max may be more accurate, equating to Barbie streaming on October 19. 

Barbie is still currently playing in theaters, looking to remain #1 at the box office.

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