The Nun 2 Gets Exciting Streaming Release Update

By Richard Nebens Posted:
The Nun 2

Fans got a recent update on when The Nun 2 will officially make its imminent streaming release.

Developed by Aquaman director James Wan, The Nun 2 added to the legendary horror director’s spooky legacy with its theatrical release on September 8. 

This sequel actually performed fairly well at the global box office with a nearly $250 million haul through October 8, leaving many to wonder just how long it will be until it moves towards its home release.

When Will The Nun 2 Start Streaming?

The Nun Part 2
Warner Bros.

A new listing from HBO (via When To Stream) might have just revealed when The Nun 2 will officially be available to stream on Warner Bros.’ streaming service, Max.

A gap in HBO’s linear schedule indicated that The Nun 2 will air on the network on the night of Saturday, October 28, suggesting that the sequel will debut on Max the day before on Friday, October 27.

A similar scenario was seen with this summer’s DCU blockbuster The Flash, which became available to stream on Max on August 25.

That movie was scheduled for a debut on HBO on August 26, only one day after it made its streaming debut, which is what fans are expecting to happen now for The Nun 2.

Will The Nun 2 Succeed in Streaming Release?

Seeing as The Nun 2 performed quite well in theaters before it quickly makes its way toward a streaming release, odds are that it will have a good chance at success when it does hit Max.

And even with Warner Bros. trending towards shorter theatrical-to-streaming windows, this shows faith from the company in The Nun 2 after it became one of the studio's hits of 2023.

Bringing the film to streaming at the end of October would give it that Halloween boost alongside many other spooky stories, especially considering it’s the biggest horror movie of the year.

And with plenty of other competition hitting the big screen in the coming weeks such as The Marvels and Wonka, having this movie in the streaming realm should help separate it further from other newer outings.

The Nun 2 is still playing in theaters worldwide.

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