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The Suicide Squad Reviews: What Are the Critics' First Reactions?

Suicide Squad, Team Movie 2021
By Russ Milheim

James Gunn's upcoming The Suicide Squad has gotten a lot of attention. After all, for all intents and purposes, the film is a soft reboot of 2016's Suicide Squad while also being Warner Bros. own Guardians of the Galaxy-esque film. This time though, James Gunn gets the blessing of an R-Rating

In reality, it's hard to have a movie with a human-eating bipedal shark that doesn't have an R-Rating. Not to mention, the very concept of The Suicide Squad from the comics definitely leans towards the more brutal side of things.

Gunn hasn't shied away from how intense his film is going to get. In fact, when fans started guessing who might survive the film, Gunn responded by saying that they were all being very optimistic.

With all the confidence that Gunn has shown for this film, and the fact that Warner Bros. has already shot a spin-off HBO Max show, does it all live up to the hype? Well, critics have now seen the film and are pouring their reactions on social media.


Ahead of its August 6 release date, the first reactions to James Gunn's upcoming film The Suicide Squad have hit social media.

People magazine writer Kara Warner, a self-admitted skeptic, said that not only is the film"balls to the wall *bonkers*", but that she loved the film—promising that the cast and material truly live up to its R-rating. 

Drew Taylor, co-host of Light The Fuse Podcast, alongside contributing to sites such as Collider and Vanity Fair, says that the film "is gloriously insane and so, so fun."

Film Critic Fico Cangiano also has high praise for the film, saying that the "action set pieces are insane", and that the film has an unpredictable story, alongside an incredible cast.

Erik Davis, from Fandango and Rotten Tomatoes, exclaims that he had "the BEST time watching #TheSuicideSquad", going on to add that fans will see "James Gunn's horror roots splattered all over this thing."

Film Critic El Geroige Rivera says that "#TheSuicideSquad is a blast!"

@Khal of the Watch Less Podcast continued the high praise, saying that James Gunn has taken "full advantage of the hard R", and that the film is the "most James Gunn film" he's ever seen.

Nathaniel Brail at the Heroic Hollywood manages to give even higher praise, declaring that not only is it his "favorite DC Movie, but it's easily James Gunn's "best film". Alluding to the 2016 film, Brail finishes by saying that Gunn's take on the team is "exactly what Task Force X should be".



After the critical and financial bump in the road that was the first Suicide Squad film, it seemed like that was the end of the road for the franchise. But, it now appears that James Gunn has successfully come along and saved the day. These reviews come as nothing but high praise across the board.

The R-Rating doesn't seem to be a superficial addition either, with almost every reaction mentioning how much the film took advantage of it. Most also spoke of the action sequences as some of the best parts of the film. 

When it came to the cast members, most praised the group as a whole while not spotlighting particular characters—though, out of the ones that did, Harley and Bloodsport got the focus. This almost seems to confirm them as the two main focal points of the film.

DC Comics fans are likely ecstatic to hear such positive reactions to the film. It can sometimes be rough for DCEU fans with the overall quality of their projects being very hit or miss. 

The fact that this film got what was said by Gunn to be unrestricted creative freedom probably played a large role in that. Hopefully, The Suicide Squad will serve as proof that this approach is the best one for Warner Bros. to go for their future endeavors.