She-Hulk Season 2: Potential Release, Cast, and Everything We Know

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After She-Hulk: Attorney at Law pushed through its first season on Disney+ in 2022, many are curious about the upcoming cast, production, and release information for Season 2.

Fighting through the difficulties of review-bombing while delivering a brand-new character to the MCU's Phase 4 slate, She-Hulk introduced a major new heroine that will be an important piece of the narrative for years to come.

But as is the case with most of the MCU's live-action Disney+ series, there was no guarantee that She-Hulk Season 2 would instantly be guaranteed, leaving plenty of questions about the show's potential future.

Is There a Season 2 of She-Hulk?

Marvel Studios

At this moment, Marvel Studios hasn't officially confirmed that She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will move into Season 2, although there are a number of reasons to think that this is already on the table.

Season 1, Episode 9 set up a direct tease for Season 2 when She-Hulk blasted into the writers' room, in which they discussed the idea of Season 2 being told entirely as a dream sequence.

Additionally, when Jennifer Walters speaks with KEVIN, the AI program tasked with making all of the MCU's decisions, she blatantly tells the program that she has thoughts on how Season 2 should go even with no confirmation for its arrival.

In an exclusive interview with The Direct, director Kat Coiro explained how "this premise of superhuman law firm...kind of lends itself to infinite possibilities" in terms of who could join Season 2 or what stories could be told:

"I mean, what’s so exciting to me is you have this premise of superhuman law firm that kind of lends itself to infinite possibilities. You could literally have any character who has ever existed in the MCU or who will ever exist pass through these doors, and it wouldn’t feel like a gratuitous cameo. It would feel completely organic. So I think the sky’s the limit in terms of what they can do with this moving forward."

Coiro also discussed the chances of Season 2 happening in February 2022, noting that this was a question that she'd let Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige answer:

"I will let Kevin Feige answer that question. For now, we have done a season and it’s coming out sometime this year. And we’ll go from there."

When Would She-Hulk Season 2 Release?

Marvel Studios

With 10 live-action Disney+ shows already having been released and more than half a dozen entries on the way over the next couple of years, She-Hulk Season 2 might be further out than one would initially expect.

Marvel Studios is now spreading out its Disney+ series' release dates more throughout each year after pushing four live-action shows out in 2021 alone.

Three of these will debut in 2023 (including Echo dropping all on one day), and potentially two or three more will come in 2024 (depending on how long Agatha: Coven of Chaos is delayed).

Taking this into account, She-Hulk Season 2 most likely wouldn't be able to fit into the MCU's schedule until sometime in 2025 at the earliest, but even that isn't a guarantee.

At least two Disney+ shows are in development without release dates, with Wonder Man currently filming amidst the ongoing writer's strike and Vision Quest listed for a 2024-2025 release on the Writers Guild of America (WGA) directory.

With all that being said, 2025 is certainly a possible option for when She-Hulk will return, but it could be kept on the drawing board until 2026 to give it time to develop. This could also set She-Hulk up for her potential inclusion in the next Avengers movies as well.

She-Hulk Season 2's Possible Cast Members

Marvel Studios

While Marvel Studios hasn't officially cast anybody in Season 2 of She-Hulk, there are a few names from Season 1 that are solid bets to expect for another round of action.

Of course, Tatiana Maslany is set to hang around the MCU for the foreseeable future as Jennifer Walters, who will continue her evolution as a lawyer and a superhero in a journey that takes fans on a wild fourth-wall-breaking ride.

Walters' GLK&H law firm co-workers should be back in full force as she keeps building her status at work, which includes Ginger Gonzaga's Nikki Ramos, her paralegal, along with their friendly co-worker Pug, played by Josh Seguerra.

Also at GLK&H is Hamilton star Renee Elise Goldsberry as Mallory Book, who will likely look to develop her relationship with Walters further after bonding over a few important court cases in Season 1.

Closing off the firm's employees will likely be Steve Coulter's Holden Holliway, one of the main partners and Walters' boss, along with one of her slightly more annoying co-workers in Drew Matthews' Dennis Bukowski.

On the enhanced side of things, fans are hopeful to see both Tim Roth's Abomination and Benedict Wong's Sorcerer Supreme Wong after both had multiple appearances in Season 1.

Wong became an instant fan-favorite in the series, having to deal with ex-Kamar Taj magician Donny Blaze. As for continuing to sneak Emil Blonsky out for the Golden Daggers fight club in Macau, that plot point will be an intriguing one to follow.

What Could Happen in She-Hulk Season 2?

Marvel Studios

Considering how far She-Hulk Season 2 likely is from going into production, there is plenty of uncertainty about what could happen in the plot for Jennifer Walters' return.

Jen is rumored to be a part of the cast of Captain America: Brave New World, potentially allowing her to gain insight into the way that the biggest superheroes operate as she learns more about her job and the MCU as a whole.

She would even interact with three major characters from The Incredible Hulk in that movie, one of which (the Leader) was even rumored to be included in She-Hulk's first season.

There's also next summer's Deadpool 3 to take into account, considering that Ryan Reynolds and Tatiana Maslany could end up bonding over being the MCU's fourth-wall-breaking tandem and eventually team up in one project or another (that movie even brought She-Hulk writer Zeb Wells on board).

Additionally, fans are wondering if and when She-Hulk will reunite with Charlie Cox's Daredevil after their romantic fling helped end Season 1, which would come after his solo return in Daredevil: Born Again

As the Man Without Fear is rumored to gain a new love interest in that series, his reunion with She-Hulk could be something that brings a little tension if they work together in future outings.

Bringing things back to the Captain America 4 front, Harrison Ford's new take on Thunderbolt Ross is rumored to be in for a transformation into Red Hulk, potentially giving both the Hulk and She-Hulk a powerful new enemy that could return in She-Hulk Season 2.

There's also the question of what Season 2 will do with Skaar after introducing him at the end of Episode 9, setting up an important supporting Hulk character that intricately ties into both the character's past and future.

With so many plot points to tackle from both the movies and the Disney+ show, Season 2 of She-Hulk has more than enough material to add to Jennifer Walters' evolving MCU saga that ties into the grand overarching scheme of the franchise as well.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Season 1 is now streaming on Disney+.

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