Will She-Hulk Appear In Avengers: Secret Wars? MCU Producer Responds

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The MCU has brought many new players into the fold with Phase 4, many of whom are expected to unite in 2025 with Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. Just as the MCU has done previously with other world-ending threats, the blockbuster events are expected to bring together heroes from all corners of the franchises and teams from across the Multiverse.

Among those exciting additions is Tatiana Maslany's Jennifer Walters, who is currently following in the footsteps of her cousin, Bruce Banner, as she becomes She-Hulk. After a long wait, the gamma-infused hero just made her MCU debut with the series premiere of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and reactions to the lawyer-turned-superhero are proving strong already.

Fans still have eight more episodes of She-Hulk left to enjoy before the first season of the MCU's legal comedy wraps up, but some are already turning their attention to the future. Will She-Hulk be back for Season 2? Will Jennifer Walters join the Avengers? Well, those questions are still in the air, but one MCU producer has some thoughts.

She-Hulk Producer Teases Avengers Future

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Speaking on Deadline's Hero Nation PodcastShe-Hulk: Attorney at Law head writer Jessica Gao addressed whether Tatiana Maslany's Jennifer Walters will appear in Avengers: Secret Wars.

The interviewer first referred to a scene from She-Hulk that takes place outside the prison and a reporter can be overheard saying they "heard she's been rejected from the Avengers:"

"One of the things that happen in She-Hulk is... there are all these things that are said, some of which are germane to her living in that world and these would be things that are said. But there's that scene outside the prison where she goes to see Abomination and the report's like 'we heard she's been rejected from the Avengers.'"

When asked if She-Hulk would be appearing in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars, Gao revealed she "would be shocked" if Walters didn't make the cut:

"I would be shocked if they didn't start putting her in the movies, especially the group team-up movies."

Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo previously addressed She-Hulk's Avengers future as he confirmed: "there’s not going to be another Avengers without her."

The head writer also commented on the importance of telling a "complete story" with a "satisfying arc" in Season 1, just in case She-Hulk wasn't renewed for further seasons:

"Coming from television, you can never guarantee that you're going to get another season with a first season show. So it's kind of been trained into my head that, on a first-season show, you really have to tell a complete story that you'd be satisfied with if this is only a one-and-done. Just because there's never a guarantee, you just never know if you're going to get another season, so you can't really hold back and just leave things open-ended. You do have to tell some sort of satisfying arc in one season just in case, and then of course you leave the door open for possibilities for a second, third, and fourth season. So that was kind of my mental approach to it."

When Will She-Hulk Next Appear?

Well, for the next few months, the answer to that question will continue to be next week, but what happens to She-Hulk once her Disney+ debut wraps up?

Moon Knight concluded with no indication of when Oscar Isaac's Egyptian hero will next be seen, and that continues to be the case even months down the line. She-Hulk appears set to suffer in the same limbo, with no appearances currently confirmed, and Season 2 up in the air for now. 

There are no obvious places for Jennifer Walters to slot into place anytime in the near future, with the next opportunity coming with Daredevil: Born Again. With Matt Murdock coming into Jennifer Walters' legal tale, she may well crossover the other way to assist in a case or crime-fighting endeavor during his 18-episode first season.

Or perhaps fans will be kept waiting until The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars to see She-Hulk return, which would leave Jennifer Walters with a three-year MCU absence. But even with She-Hulk Avengers team-up appearing to be all-but-certain, there's no telling how big her role will be with so many heroes in the picture.

World War Hulk has long been rumored to be in development at Marvel Studios with plans to shoot by the end of this year, with reports indicating it will be teased in the Disney+ series. But if the Hulk-centric blockbuster is further down the line, She-Hulk fans may be waiting until the expected Season 2 to see Tatiana Maslany's hero take on a starring role once again.

No matter the case, She-Hulk appears to have a bright future ahead in the MCU as her solo adventures continue, and she teams up with her fellow heroes. But for now, the first episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is streaming now, exclusively on Disney+. 

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